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STATEMENT: Georgia Supreme Court Rules Talking Dirty to a Child is Not Protected by the First Amendment

Statement by Dani Pinter, Director of NCOSE’s Law Center Washington, DC – Georgia’s Supreme Court this week upheld a statute criminalizing obscene Internet contact with a child, finding that the statute was not a violation of the First Amendment as an appeal had claimed. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) filed an amicus brief […]

Law Center

Law Center Victory in Georgia v. Scott: “Talking Dirty” to a Child is Not Protected by the First Amendment

In January, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation submitted an amicus brief to the Georgia Supreme Court urging the court to uphold a statute criminalizing obscene Internet contact with minors. This statute is vital to protecting children from sexual predators in the digital age but was facing a First Amendment challenge. The American Center for Law […]

Issue: Child Sexual Exploitation

Remembering a Milestone in the Fight against Sexploitation: The Mann Act of 1910

What is the Mann Act? June 25th is the anniversary of a popular and quintessential American event: the Battle of Little Bighorn. Everyone knows the story of Lt. Col. Custer’s foolhardy last stand, and all the men who were killed under his command in 1876. Everyone knows that story. Yet just thirty-four short years later, […]

Issue: Prostitution – Bright Light on the Red Light

NCSE Demands that New A.G. Enforce Obscenity Laws

National Center on Sexual Exploitation puts pressure on the Senate Judiciary Committee to secure commitment from Loretta Lynch Washington, DC – National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE) sent a letter, signed by over 100 group leaders, urging the Senate Judiciary Committee to ensure that Attorney General nominee, Loretta Lynch, makes a commitment to enforce federal […]

2018 Dirty Dozen: The Watch List – DOJ – Defend Justice

Morality in Media calls for federal investigation into .xxx domain

Greeley Gazette December 12, 2011 “Morality in Media has called for Congress to make it a crime for anyone to register a name on the .xxx site that is registered on another domain without the consent of the owner of the other domain name… MIM also called for Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the […]

.XXX: Opposing Sexually Explicit Web Domains

Who’s committed to enforcing porn laws?

One News Now February 16, 2012 A national organization fighting against pornography is crafting a letter to Congress that calls on lawmakers to hold a hearing on the harms of such material. Dawn Hawkins, executive director of Morality in Media (MIM), tells One News Now more about the group’s efforts.  “We’re trying to send a […]

Supreme Court examines TV nudity, profanity

Baptist Press January 11, 2012  U.S. Supreme Court justices challenged lawyers for major networks Tuesday to explain why the federal government should not be able to establish a “safe haven” from nudity and obscene language on television. The high court heard oral arguments in what has been described as the most important broadcast indecency case […]

FCC Watch on Decency

GOP Candidates Promise to Revive War on Porn

Mother Jones January 10, 2012 The nonprofit Morality in Media has been hounding GOP candidates since October to go on the record with their positions on porn, in part because the group and its allies in the evangelical community are deeply unhappy with the Obama administration on this front … Nonetheless, Patrick Trueman, the president […]

Bangladesh Pornography Ban Raises Issue of Online Privacy

The Christian Post January 3, 2012 The Bangladeshi government has approved, and the Parliament is expected to pass, a new anti-pornography law that would reportedly prohibit making or distributing any kind of pornographic material, including such material made available on the Internet … But policing the Internet for illegal activity is a complicated task, as […]

Eric Holder accused of neglecting porn fight

Politico April 16, 2011 To the list of social issues such as abortion once thought to be off the 2011 political agenda and now making a comeback, add a hot-button one from the days of Reagan-era Attorney General Ed Meese — pornography. The catalyst for a renewed fight over pornography is a recent, little-noticed move […]

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