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Enforce federal laws on obscenity – a letter by Sen. Orrin Hatch

Deseret News April 7,2011  … The laws against obscenity are not being enforced. My colleagues in Congress and I have worked hard to craft legislation that not only will attack the problem but will withstand the inevitable legal challenges brought by the porn industry. But laws left unenforced cannot protect families or society. At the federal…



Pornography-Front Group Asks Congress to Choose Between Families and Pornography

Christian Newswire March 30, 2011 In a letter distributed to members of Congress by the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP), the group states that Congress does not need to prosecute illegal adult pornography producers and distributors under existing laws because “they are not involved in obscenity.” “Nothing could be further from the truth,”…



Anti-Porn Crusaders Rely on Perverted Facts: John Stagliano to ‘Pornography Harms’: Get Your Facts Straight!

PR Newswire February 23, 2011 Today, noted adult film pioneer and first amendment activist John Stagliano decried the recent attacks on personal liberties by self-styled moral crusaders who are taking their own liberties with the truth about pornography’s impact on society. This week, the group “Pornography Harms” continued its campaign to ban free speech and adult entertainment…



Pressure is mounting to enforce ‘obscenity laws’

Orlando Christian News Examiner February 15, 2011 Here, there and ‘everywhere’ is the lure of pornography, enticing both the unwitting and those who have succumbed to its trap. Obscenity laws against distribution of porn are on the books, yet not being enforced. Now there is a contingent of Christian activists, Congress and civil groups who…



Does MTV ‘Skins’ Violate Child Porn Laws?

Charisma Magazine January 24, 2011 On Monday, Morality in Media called for MTV and Viacom to stop airing the show to avoid the exploitation of children and because it may violate U.S. child pornography and obscenity laws. Morality in Media’s call follows a move by the Parents Television Council (PTC). The PTC petitioned the chairmen…