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hbo the deuce pilot

The Deuce Pilot: A Premiere Rife with Graphic Sexual Exploitation

Trigger warning: this article contains descriptions of graphic sexualized exploitation depicted in HBO’s The Deuce pilot episode   HBO’s The Deuce premieres in September, however subscribers were given a pass to watch the pilot early. As suspected, The Deuce, which is set in New York around the boom of the pornography industry in America, is…


Fox News Tried to Normalize Pornography, Now It’s Being Called Out

Fox News published a slanted article claiming pornography can make you a better romantic partner. This is, of course, contrary to reliable research. As a side note: in addition to recently discussing the “benefits” of pornography, Fox News has a long history of profiting from hyper-sexualized ads placed along the side bars, and elsewhere, on…


The “Sexploitation” Podcast is Launched!

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation officially has a podcast! The “Sexploitation?” podcast decodes sexual harms and provides you with active solutions. We address the full spectrum of sexual exploitation, from sex trafficking to sexual violence, to rape culture, to pornography, and more. And better yet, we give you the tools to make a difference!…



New Series ‘The Playboy Club’ Making Waves

ABC News July 5, 2011 NBC’s new series “The Playboy Club” is generating controversy even before the first episode airs this fall. Several anti-pornography groups are trying to stop the peacock network from airing the series this fall. The stylized drama set in the 1960s atHugh Hefner‘s original Playboy Club in Chicago mimics the feel…



Anti-porn groups join KSL’s complaints against “Playboy Club”

The Salt Lake Tribune Blog June 30, 2011 Salt Lake City’s KSL isn’t alone in wanting to shut down “The Playboy Club.” Two anti-porn groups are mounting campaigns against NBC against the new fall drama, which is set in the 1960s at the start of Hugh Hefner’s bunny-filled media empire. One group, Pink Cross –…



Pro-Family Coalition Targets NBC’s “Playboy Club” Fall Series

The New American July 7, 2011 A coalition of pro-family, anti-porn, and decency organizations have banded together in an effort to convince NBC that it should scrap one of its new fall programs, The Playboy Club. NBC is touting the show as a “provocative new series [that] captures a time and place that challenged the social…



Group Battles Against The Playboy Club on NBC

Top Secret Writers The Playboy Club is a history lesson about the origins of the actual Playboy Club in Chicago, in 1963. It was at this club that the first Playboy “bunnies” ever got their start, in a working environment that has made women’s rights groups cringe in disgust. The entire point of the club…



Morality in Media calls for federal investigation into .xxx domain

Greeley Gazette December 12, 2011 “Morality in Media has called for Congress to make it a crime for anyone to register a name on the .xxx site that is registered on another domain without the consent of the owner of the other domain name… MIM also called for Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the…



Liberal News Media Overlook Role of Moral Breakdown in Mass Murders

Christian Newswire January 12, 2011 “There may be loopholes in our nation’s gun control laws that need plugging, but in acknowledging that a mass murderer has again misused a gun to kill citizens, we should also remember that the killer grew up in a ‘popular culture’ that glamorizes gun violence and that also loves to…