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Pro-Family Coalition Targets NBC’s “Playboy Club” Fall Series

The New American July 7, 2011 A coalition of pro-family, anti-porn, and decency organizations have banded together in an effort to convince NBC that it should scrap one of its new fall programs, The Playboy Club. NBC is touting the show as a “provocative new series [that] captures a time and place that challenged the social…


Brad Curl – Testimony before Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography, 1985

Brad Curl shared some initiatives citizens can take to combat pornography in his testimony before the Attorney General’s Commission in Chicago.  Brad, presented examples of what kinds of pornographic materials like Playboy, Penthouse, and Forum magazines that are considered acceptable and sold in family convenience stores.   He commented that the real issue we are dealing…



Morality in Media Urges a Halt to ‘Skins’ MTV

Canada Free Press January 24, 2011 Morality in Media today called for MTV and Viacom to halt distribution of its new show “Skins” to avoid the exploitation of children and because the show may violate U.S. child pornography and obscenity laws. Morality in Media lauds The Parents Television Council for initiating a call for an…