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The Washington Examiner: Hugh Hefner’s true legacy: mainstreaming the sexual objectification of women

With Hugh Hefner’s death, the media has erupted in praise for his alleged contributions to society through the pornography magazine he founded, Playboy. In reality, Hugh Hefner leaves behind a colossal legacy of sexual exploitation. Playboy popularized the commodification of the female body in soft-core pornography magazines in the 1950s, and it laid the groundwork for…


Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner Leaves Behind a Legacy of Sexual Exploitation, and a Public Health Crisis

Following Hugh Hefner’s death, the media has erupted in praise for his alleged championing of free speech through the pornographic magazine, Playboy. But in reality, Hugh Hefner leaves behind a legacy of sexual exploitation and public health harms. Playboy popularized the commodification of the female body in soft-core pornographic magazines in the 1950s, and it laid…


Podcast: Are Magazine Swimsuit Issues Actually Empowering?

Ep. 18 A look at Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue Every February the Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue hits the shelves and some individuals applaud it as a celebration of the athletic female body. However, the truth is that Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue is not a triumph of female athleticism, agency, or empowerment. Instead, it is a descent…


Playboy Magazine Re-Introduced Full Nudity After Temporary Change – Tell Barnes & Noble to Remove It!

One year after Playboy pledged to ban nudity from its magazine, the company has decided to bring it back. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) denounces this magazine as sexually exploitive and calls on retailers to remove it from their shelves. Was Playboy’s temporary removal of full nudity a scam to get better placement with retailers or does Playboy simply…


5 Ways Barnes & Noble is Facilitating Sexual Exploitation

Most parents don’t realize that their child might be exposed to pornography at their local bookstore, but that is exactly what is happening all around the country. Barnes & Noble is a Fortune 500 company, which operates 689 retail bookstores, is a major supplier of pornography. Barnes & Noble provides hundreds of free pornographic books in their…


STATEMENT: Why Playboy Has Abandoned Nudity in its Magazine

Statement on by Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director of NCOSE   Washington, DC – Playboy’s first non-nude magazine will be released this week. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) observes that this change will enable Playboy to continue to promote sexual exploitation and objectification on an even broader scale. “Playboy is trying to remain relevant…


Playboy Abandons Nude Photos as People Migrate to Internet Pornography

Playboy is removing all nude images from its magazine, according to a report on October 12th from the New York Times. As Bill Donohue’s recent commentary on the policy move so adequately summarizes, pornography has become a public health crisis. With unlimited supply via the internet, pornography brings sexual addictions and disorders, broken and undermined…


Press Release: Playboy Passé: Why Nudity is Now Irrelevant

Statement by NCOSE VP of Education and Outreach, Lisa L. Thompson   Washington, DC – Playboy magazine has announced that it is discontinuing its practice of publishing fully nude photos of women, which marks a significant cultural shift as the use of hardcore pornography rises. “Playboy, once the cultural gateway to pornography, has now ceased…


Anti-Porn Group Chides Dick Cheney for Giving Playboy Interview

After former Vice President Dick Cheney gave a far-reaching interview for Playboy magazine, an anti-pornography group has spoken out, noting what it describes as the publication’s “exploitation” of women, The Washington Post reported.


Note to Dick Cheney: Men Do Not Buy Playboy for the Articles

Washington, DC (March 18, 2015) –Former US Vice President, Dick Cheney Cheney’s decision to use the sexually exploitive forum, Playboy, to make a political statement about Obama and racism communicates that he is okay with pornography, sexual exploitation, and does not want to reach women with his message.