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Wal-Mart Sells Sexually Exploitive Magazines, Naked Pictures of Children, and Sex Trafficking Instructions

**UPDATE 10/29/16 – Walmart has removed the child nudity books from their website! In just the first day of our petition campaign we got thousands of signatures. THANK YOU for speaking up with us!  Wal-Mart now sells a wide array of sexually explicit material including some with child nudity, as well as sexually exploitive magazines…


Help Train Police Officers to End Sex Trafficking

If you could help educate a police officer to combat sex trafficking, would you do it? Since 1962 the National Center on Sexual Exploitation has been fighting for the dignity of those who are sexually exploited. Now we’re helping you accomplish that very same thing. You can sponsor a police officer to receive education and…



Libraries vs. police in a suit sparked by porn – Kent, WA

By JEFFREY M. BARKER, SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTER August 12. 2002 KENT — Someone in the library, huddled close to a computer screen, was viewing images of child pornography. There was a witness. A librarian was notified. Printouts of some of the images were left behind. Police were called, and a detective seized two computers. But now Kent police…