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Raising awareness about porn’s painful impact

OneNewsNow July 14, 2011 The MIM executive director says her group is “just trying to flood the Internet with as much anti-pornography information as possible” because it is important to remind people how much porn affects its victims, including addicts and their families. The anti-indecency organization, which leads a coalition of pro-family groups in the war…



Three Top GOP 2012 Candidates Commit to Enforce Nation’s Pornography Laws

Christian Newswire January 9, 2012 “Three of the leading GOP 2012 Presidential candidates have made statements committing to enforce existing federal obscenity laws if they are elected, while the current administration still refuses to enforce federal obscenity laws prohibiting distribution of hardcore pornography, according to Morality in Media… Read full article here.



Liberal News Media Overlook Role of Moral Breakdown in Mass Murders

Christian Newswire January 12, 2011 “There may be loopholes in our nation’s gun control laws that need plugging, but in acknowledging that a mass murderer has again misused a gun to kill citizens, we should also remember that the killer grew up in a ‘popular culture’ that glamorizes gun violence and that also loves to…