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An Update on the Fight Against Pornography in Idaho

The following is a guest post by Craig Cobia, Ph.D., founder of Citizens for Decency. Recent headlines in Southeast Idaho mentioned how our youth are struggling with pornography, sexting, and more.  So what are we to do?  We believe that age-appropriate education, designed to carefully (without introducing them to objectionable content) help children tell a parent…


Podcast Episode: Is Porn Really a Public Health Crisis?

Utah passed a formal state resolution declaring pornography a public health crisis in the summer of 2016, then that fall the RNC added the same language to its official republican platform, and presidential nominee at the time of this recording wrote a letter to the organization Enough is Enough stating that she is supportive of…


STATEMENT: GOP Considering Pornography as a Public Health Crisis

Statement by Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director of NCOSE Washington, DC – According to a recent news report, the Republican National Convention is currently contemplating an amendment to its platform, which would declare pornography a public health crisis. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation is encouraged by this development, and asks the Democratic National Convention to…


The Utah Resolution Calling Pornography a Public Health Crisis Passed the State House of Representatives

Utah has made another significant stride toward officially recognizing pornography as a public health crisis. A resolution introduced into the Utah State Legislature declaring pornography a public health crisis has passed the Utah House of Representatives and will soon be presented to Governor Gary Herbert for his signature. It is important for Utah to recognize…