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Roku’s Promotion of Sexual Violence and Exploitation Through Facilitating Pornography

Trigger warning: one image in this blog displays the titles of pornographic films. No nude or hypersexualized images. Roku is a streaming player company that allows its customers to stream TV and movies from the comfort of their own home. Unfortunately, Roku is also promoting sexual violence and exploitation by allowing private pornography channels on…


HBO’s Westworld Promotes Rape Culture

HBO is building a legacy of rape culture entertainment. The new HBO series, Westworld, premiered Sunday night and wasted no time before building upon this new “great tradition” in television of commodifying and consuming the female body. The first episode of HBO’s latest series, Westworld, contains a reference to the raping of a corpse, uses brothels as…


The Brock Turner Rule: Recognizing the Links Between Pornography and Rape

In the aftermath of the Stanford rape case, in which convicted rapist Brock Turner received a sentence of only six months in jail and three years of probation, the national dialogue on campus sexual assault has been tragically re-ignited. Understandably, this case has left many wondering what factors might have contributed to this crime. It…


THE WRAP: ‘Game of Thrones’ Accused of Promoting Rape Culture, ‘Torture Pornography’

Original Source: The Wrap Author: Joe Otterson   The National Center on Sexual Exploitation has denounced “Game of Thrones” for its “socially irresponsible” depictions of sexual violence. “‘Game of Thrones’ has excelled in turning brutal sexual violence into mainstream entertainment,” Dawn Hawkins, the executive director of NCOSE, said at a press conference on Monday. “Since…


Video: This Pediatric Nurse is Taking a Stand Against Rape Culture and Porn

Watch Video Here: Angela is a pediatric nurse from San Antonio Texas who has taken a stand against rape culture and pornography. After learning about the way that many pornographic films encourage child-themed and incest-themed fetishes, she began to realize that porn was shaping rape culture in America today. She immediately took action. She brought…


Statement: James Deen is Not an Anomaly: Porn Perpetuates Rape Culture

James Deen is Not an Anomaly: Porn Perpetuates Rape Culture Statement by Haley Halverson, NCOSE Director of Communications  Washington, DC – James Deen, a popular porn performer, is facing mounting accusations of rape and sexual assault, and Kink, a porn company for which Deen formerly worked, is being accused of unsafe working conditions. The National…