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What Most Current Sexual Assault Apologies Have in Common

This article appears in full on the Huffington Post As the avalanche of high-profile sexual assault and harassment controversies in Hollywood, the media, and politics continues, a noticeable rhythm has set in: public accusations mount, the man offers a denial or weak apology, and then he fades into the background as soon as the next…


Pornography Fuels The Myth That Some Victims of Sexual Assault “Ask For It”

I want to take this opportunity to scream from the rooftops about the excuses I hear over and over again in the media from abusers and judgmental onlookers who think a sexual abuse victim was “asking for it.” CIRCUMSTANCES NEVER EXCUSE ONE’S CHOICE TO VIOLATE THE DIGNITY OF ANOTHER. The coed says yes, and then…


This Moving Norwegian Video about Sexual Violence and Rape has Gone Viral

An emotional short video created by Care Norway is raising awareness about rape and sexual violence against women by urging fathers to take a stand. This video highlights how a culture that accepts objectification and degradation as “normal” can actually foster a culture of sexual violence. Men have a unique opportunity to rise against this phenomenon…


Statement: James Deen is Not an Anomaly: Porn Perpetuates Rape Culture

James Deen is Not an Anomaly: Porn Perpetuates Rape Culture Statement by Haley Halverson, NCOSE Director of Communications  Washington, DC – James Deen, a popular porn performer, is facing mounting accusations of rape and sexual assault, and Kink, a porn company for which Deen formerly worked, is being accused of unsafe working conditions. The National…


Sexual Violence Behind the Scenes: Porn Star Accused of Rape

The porn industry just lost another golden boy. James Deen, a porn actor with “boy next door” charm, has long been a rising star in the porn community. In 2009, Adult Video News named him “Male Performer of the Year.” Esquire has labeled him the “Ryan Gosling of porn,” and Elle praised his support for female sexuality. Even Buzzfeed profiled Deen,…