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Podcast Episode: What Is White Ribbon Against Pornography Week?

How can you get involved for this week of activism and awareness? The seventh episode of the “Sexploitation?” podcast explores the origin of White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) Week. This national campaign started with one woman named Norma Norris. Norma had the courage to take a stand against pornography, and her creativity set off a…


Podcast: Should Prostitution Be Considered a Job?

Is prostitution a job? Popular media portrays those involved in prostitution as typically glamorized or empowered individuals. However, the research reveals that this is not the experience of the vast majority of those involved in the sex trade. Melissa Farley’s research found: “Across countries, 73 percent reported physical assault in prostitution, 62 percent reported having…


Podcast Episode: Does Pornography Increase Sexual Violence?

Does what we watch have an impact on how we think? Or what we do? Alarming research is showing that pornography can shape the user’s sexual template around themes of degradation, ambiguous consent, and violence. A meta-analysis of 46 studies reported that the effects of exposure to pornographic material are “clear and consistent,” and puts one at…


Podcast: Introduction & What is Sexual Exploitation?

What is sexual exploitation? Sexual exploitation is a broad term that can refer to any situation where someone is being used for another’s sexual pleasure in a manner that lacks consent, or is demeaning or harmful. That means the “Sexploitation?” podcast will address sex trafficking, prostitution, pornography, rape culture, campus sexual assault, and more. Unfortunately,…