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Amazon Prime Original Content: Cutting Corners of Corporate Decency

Amazon’s status as a sales and television giant is no secret, but what is less obvious is the complacency with which it treats video content and ratings. Amazon Prime, a service offering unlimited television streaming to members, brings these shows directly into millions of American homes every day, many of them produced by Amazon itself….


hbo the deuce pilot

The Deuce Pilot: A Premiere Rife with Graphic Sexual Exploitation

Trigger warning: this article contains descriptions of graphic sexualized exploitation depicted in HBO’s The Deuce pilot episode   HBO’s The Deuce premieres in September, however subscribers were given a pass to watch the pilot early. As suspected, The Deuce, which is set in New York around the boom of the pornography industry in America, is…


STATEMENT: Showtime Episode Depicts Rape of a Male as “Funny”

Statement by Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director of NCOSE Washington, DC – July 10, 2016, the Showtime series Roadies depicted the drugged sexual assault of a man by a woman. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) denounces this scene for normalizing male sexual abuse as humorous. “If this scene depicted a drugged woman being sexually assaulted by a…



Supreme Court examines TV nudity, profanity

Baptist Press January 11, 2012  U.S. Supreme Court justices challenged lawyers for major networks Tuesday to explain why the federal government should not be able to establish a “safe haven” from nudity and obscene language on television. The high court heard oral arguments in what has been described as the most important broadcast indecency case…



Contrary to What the NY Times May Think and What Playboy TV May Say, Pornography Does Not Promote True ‘Intimacy’

Christian Newswire November 18, 2011 As reported in yesterday’s NY Times (“Courting women, Playboy TV puts the emphasis on intimacy”) Playboy TV is “putting (some of) its clothes back on” and “shifting from traditional pornography toward a higher quality, female friendly slate of reality shows.” The article also states that while Playboy “insists” that the…



Does MTV ‘Skins’ Violate Child Porn Laws?

Charisma Magazine January 24, 2011 On Monday, Morality in Media called for MTV and Viacom to stop airing the show to avoid the exploitation of children and because it may violate U.S. child pornography and obscenity laws. Morality in Media’s call follows a move by the Parents Television Council (PTC). The PTC petitioned the chairmen…



Parent Alert: Most Dangerous Show Ever for your Children

Deseret News January 24, 2011 MTV’s newest TV series is so racy the network’s own executives worried during a meeting last week whether they could be charged with child pornography, according to a report in the New York Times. Network execs and the producers of the show “Skins” have plenty to worry about, from potential legal…



Morality in Media Urges a Halt to ‘Skins’ — MTV Show May Violate U.S. Child Pornography or Obscenity Laws

Christian Newswire January 24, 2011 Morality in Media today called for MTV and Viacom to halt distribution of its new show “Skins” to avoid the exploitation of children and because the show may violate U.S. child pornography and obscenity laws. Morality in Media lauds The Parents Television Council for initiating a call for an investigation…