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What Can We Do About Domestic Violence During the Holidays?

The holidays are often thought of as “the most wonderful time of the year.” But for victims of domestic violence, the holidays can be a time of isolation and fear. Listen to the “Sexploitation?” Podcast Episode on Domestic Violence During the Holidays to Learn More and Get Tips on How You Can Support Others. Available on iTunes, and GooglePlay….


HBO’s Westworld Promotes Rape Culture

HBO is building a legacy of rape culture entertainment. The new HBO series, Westworld, premiered Sunday night and wasted no time before building upon this new “great tradition” in television of commodifying and consuming the female body. The first episode of HBO’s latest series, Westworld, contains a reference to the raping of a corpse, uses brothels as…


The Girlfriend Experience: Selling Prostitution on TV

Don’t have enough money to pay for college? Sell yourself for sex! Sounds crazy, right? Apparently not to the creators of The Girlfriend Experience. In Starz’s new TV show The Girlfriend Experience, law student Christine Reade jumps into the world of prostitution and sells herself to pay for school. Christine begins her journey working for…