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NBC’s Racy ‘Playboy Club’ Already Under Fire

iVillage June 30, 2011 Two groups, Pink Cross Foundation and Morality in Media have started online petitions to shut the show down. Dawn Hawkins, executive director of Morality in Media, takes issue specifically with reports of a three-way sex scene — and more generally, with the Playboy brand being promoted at all. “We know now, years later, that pornography is very harmful to society,” she said. “It…



Porn Leads to Violence Against Women, Says Morality in Media

Christian Newswire August 1, 2011 Violence against women is now a common byproduct of the consumption of pornography, a topic that will be addressed during the final week of Morality in Media’s “Be Aware: PORN HARMS” National Awareness Campaign… Morality in Media’s President, Patrick A. Trueman noted that the lust for violence is now documented…



Morality In Media reveals pornography’s devastating effects on children

Canada Free Press July 18, 2011 “Many children are getting addicted to pornography because U.S. pornographers are providing free, obscene, illegal porn to kids online.  Sadly, U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder refuses to enforce federal obscenity laws which would protect children,” said President of Morality in Media Patrick Trueman.  “The average age in which…



Pornography awareness campaign exposes devastating effects on children July 18, 2011 “Dawn Hawkins, MIM’s Executive Director and director of the campaign, said pornography’s consequences for children and their abusers rank among “the most disturbing aspects” of material that is usually deemed harmless. “Many child pornographers start with an interest in soft-core adult pornography, but over time turn to harder, more deviant porn…


Darca, Curtis, and Unity – Testimony before Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography, 1985.

Darca, Curtis, and Unity, all members of Minors against Violent Pornography, testified to the Commission on Pornography in Chicago about why they oppose porn use. They describe how they want people to view women as persons, and not treat them as sex objects that can be used and abused, as many porn magazines depict. They…


“Diann” – testimony before Attorney General’s Commission on pornography, 1985

Diann testified her story on behalf of the General Attorney’s Commission in Washington D.C. on Pornography.  She shared her store of being a victim of sexual abuse by her husband.  Her husband is addicted to pornography.  He coerced his wife to act out the fantasies in pornography.  The wife didn’t identify what was sexual abuse…