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Overwhelming Response to U.S. Capitol Symposium on the Public Health Crisis of Pornography

On Tuesday, July 14th, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation hosted a symposium right in the U.S. Capitol building on the public health crisis of pornography. The latest medical and social research was presented to a room packed with members of the press, the public, and representatives of members of Congress. The room quickly overflowed…



Who’s committed to enforcing porn laws?

One News Now February 16, 2012 A national organization fighting against pornography is crafting a letter to Congress that calls on lawmakers to hold a hearing on the harms of such material. Dawn Hawkins, executive director of Morality in Media (MIM), tells One News Now more about the group’s efforts.  “We’re trying to send a…



GOP Candidates Promise to Revive War on Porn

Mother Jones January 10, 2012 The nonprofit Morality in Media has been hounding GOP candidates since October to go on the record with their positions on porn, in part because the group and its allies in the evangelical community are deeply unhappy with the Obama administration on this front … Nonetheless, Patrick Trueman, the president…



Enforce federal laws on obscenity – a letter by Sen. Orrin Hatch

Deseret News April 7,2011  … The laws against obscenity are not being enforced. My colleagues in Congress and I have worked hard to craft legislation that not only will attack the problem but will withstand the inevitable legal challenges brought by the porn industry. But laws left unenforced cannot protect families or society. At the federal…



42 senators seek crackdown on adult pornography

CBS News April 7, 2011 Forty-two senators have signed onto a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder calling on him to increase federal prosecutions of adult pornography. The letter calls on the Department of Justice to “vigorously” enforce federal obscenity laws “against major commercial distributors of hardcore adult pornography.” It asks Holder to instruct the…



Pressure is mounting to enforce ‘obscenity laws’

Orlando Christian News Examiner February 15, 2011 Here, there and ‘everywhere’ is the lure of pornography, enticing both the unwitting and those who have succumbed to its trap. Obscenity laws against distribution of porn are on the books, yet not being enforced. Now there is a contingent of Christian activists, Congress and civil groups who…