January 8, 2015

2002 – 2010

Launch of www.ObscenityCrimes.org Web site. In June 2002, MIM launched a new website, ObscenityCrimes.org, to provide citizens with a means online to report possible violations of federal Internet obscenity laws. Reports were forwarded by MIM to the U.S. Justice Department and to U.S. Attorneys nationwide. As of December 31, 2004, citizens submitted more than 49,000 reports. There was no comparable tool for filing obscenity complaints. The Justice Department publicly acknowledged the value of the site and encouraged people to submit possible violations through MIM; and in November 2004, Congress allocated $150,000 to help fund the project. Unfortunately, in 2008, when U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder took over the U.S. Department of Justice all prosecutions of federal obscenity law violations completely stopped. Mr. Holder refuses to enforce the laws and disbanded the taskforce at the DOJ responsible for doing cases. As a result, MIM shut down the ObscenityCrimes.org website in 2010 and is now working to pressure the DOJ to enforce the laws once again.

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