February 15, 2021

Amazon ceases selling full body sex dolls

After years of pressure from NCOSE’s army of advocates and from Congress with the 2018 House-passed and then 2020 reintroduced Creeper Act, Amazon seems to have finally caved and removed all full-body sex dolls from their marketplace.

Searches in September 2020 still returned what seemed like thousands of full-body sex dolls on Amazon Marketplace. However, after mounting pressure, NCOSE researchers have discovered in January 2021, that only disembodied sex dolls remain. These are dolls with only the torso and thighs.

While these are still highly problematic, continuing to reduce women to only their intimate parts, this is a step forward.

Half body or torso-only sex dolls still sold by Amazon in Jan 2021:

Example of full body sex dolls sold be Amazon in September 2020:

Child-like sex dolls sold on Amazon as of September 2019.

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