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May 2012

Congress asked for a Congressional Hearing on the pandemic of harm from pornography. WOIP is promised a hearing by key Congressional members.

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January – April 2012

Launched an effort to contact all 2012 Presidential candidates and secure their support for enforcement of obscenity laws. The three leading 2012 GOP Presidential candidates agree to enforcement of laws if elected: Governor Romney, Senator Santorum, Former Speaker Gingrich.

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May 2011

Attorney General, Eric Holder, is questioned in key Congressional hearings in both the House and Senate for failure to enforce obscenity laws.

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April, 2011

Almost half of the U.S. Senate and dozens of House members sent letters to Attorney General Eric Holder, laying out some of the harms of pornography and demanding vigorous prosecution of federal obscenity laws. Many Congressional leaders have someone in their offices assigned to deal with the issue of pornography and to help them stay…

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January – April 2011

Through WOIP Coalition, hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens call, email and write letters to their Congressional representatives asking to support and sign a letter addressed to Attorney General, Eric Holder that demands prosecution of obscenity cases.

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December, 2010

Hosted first online conference for general public and began organizing public to pressure U.S. Congress to help get laws enforced.

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June 2010

Hosted a briefing on Capitol Hill about the harms from pornography and need for enforcement. The room was filled to capacity.

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Coalition effort launched to get federal obscenity laws enforced after U.S. Department of Justice under the direction of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama make it clear that they will not enforce any obscenity laws.

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