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1 Face the Demand

Demand is the fulcrum on which all sex trafficking rests. Failure to combat demand guarantees the survival of sex trafficking and the creation of future generations of victims. NCOSE’s main page on Demand.


9 CESE Global Summit

International meeting uniting movement leaders who want to work together to create a world free from sexual exploitation. Join us!


dirty dozen list

8 The Dirty Dozen List

Naming and shaming mainstream entities that facilitate sexual exploitation through poor policies and profit-seeking helps to dismantle the marketplace which allows sex trafficking to thrive. Take action. 


2 Stop Trafficking Demand: The Sex Buyer

Those who make up the “demand” are the individuals with the desire, along with the ability and willingness, to purchase people in the prostitution marketplace to use for sex. Learn about the sex buyer.


4 Stop Online Sex Trafficking

Internet-based bulletin board-type advertising forums have contributed to an explosion in prostitution advertising and sex trafficking.


3 Pornography + Trafficking

Research and personal accounts to help the public understand one of the major factors creating and driving the demand for trafficked women and children: Pornography.


1.1 Bright Light on the Red Light

The prostitution marketplace constitutes “the zone” where men exercise raw physical and sexual power over those they buy for sex. Get the research and facts on prostitution & sex trafficking.


7 The Freedom from Sexploitation Agenda

Like never before in our nation’s history, America is suffering from systemic sexual exploitation. This necessitates that our federal government addresses the full spectrum of sexual harm. See our policy recommendations.


6 Tackle Demand

The conditions around large, commercial sporting events, such as the demographics of visitors, and a celebratory atmosphere occurring within a concentrated geographic area, create an increased demand for purchasing sex. Help Stop This!