NCOSE Videos

These videos are produced by National Center on Sexual Exploitation in order to expose the connections between all forms of sexual exploitation. Many of these videos come from events hosted by NCOSE, including our Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit. We will update this page throughout the year as we gather more and more content, so make sure to check back often. Check out our YouTube and Vimeo accounts.

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Overcoming Biases in the Anti-Trafficking Movement as it Relates to Victim Services – Brook Parker-Bello, Ph.D.

Beyond Backpage: Buying and Selling Sex Online in 2019 – Marian Hatcher and Rob Spectre

Cultivating the Supply – Melissa Yao, National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance

Moral Disengagement in the Beliefs and Behaviors of Sex Buyers and Society – Lisa L. Thompson

Overshadowing: The Telltale Signs of Mental Disorders – Tracy Gibson, Fresh Start

Survivor Strategies to Deal with Traumatic Stress: Dissociation and Trauma Bonding – Dr. Ingeborg Kraus

The Role of Dissociation in Prostitution: A personal and general analysis on dissociation – Sandra Norak

Pathways to Sustainable Healing and Recovery – Clay Olsen, RecoverySuite

The Spiritual Roots of Connection and Attachment in Addiction Recovery – Daniel D. Gray

Transformed Living: Helping Youth and Families Move Into Treatment & Recovery From Sexual Trauma – Robin Reber-Sanderson

Best Practices and Tips for Working with Survivors – Shamere McKenzie & Rebekah Charleston

Buyer’s Lack of Remorse: A Review of Sex Buyer Profiles and Activities Online – Haley Halverson

Sex Trafficking and Exploitation in Native American Populations – Valaura Imus-Nahsonhoya

Show Me the Data: The Latest Research on How Pornography Harms – John Foubert, Ph.D.

The Effectiveness of The Swedish Model – Lena Walther

Winter Inside the Church and the Hope for Spring – Boz Tchividjian, GRACE

Race, Poverty, Homelessness: A Structural Violence Analysis of Prostitution – Marian Hatcher

DC Foster Care & Courtney’s House: A Holistic Approach to Combat Sex Trafficking – Tina Frundt

From Johns to Men Breaking Free – Lori Paul, Breaking Free

The Exploitation Continuum: Addressing the Overlooked Role of Strip Clubs and Commercial Sexual Exploitation – Harmony Grillo

Institutional Sexual Abuse and Harassment: Prevention, Response, and Survivor’s Rights & Remedies – Brian Kent

Movement Updates: South Africa, Hungary, Nigeria, Australia, Philippines

Dignity: A Journal on Sexual Exploitation and Violence – Donna Hughes, University of Rhode Island

An Athlete’s Silence – John-Michael Lander

View from the Trenches and Continuum of Care – Jeanne Allert, The Samaritan Women

Why We Need to Fight for Our Kids’ Healthy Sexuality and Teaching Kids to Rise Above a Porn Culture – Dina Alexander

The Failure of Legalization of Prostitution in The Netherlands – Renate van der Zee

A Call to Arms: The Church’s Role in the Pornography Battle – Karen Potter, Covenant Eyes

The Opiate Connection: Sex Trafficking and Drugs- The Deadly Intersection – Barbara Amaya

Personify vs Thingify: The Pivotal Role of Objectification in Sexual Abuse and Exploitation and Moral Disengagement – Lisa L. Thompson

Trafficked Boys: Invisible Victims of Human Trafficking – Jerome Elam, Trafficking in America Task Force

Restorative Justice and Circles to Address Sexual Harm – Cordelia Anderson, Sensibilities Inc.

Why Prevention is the Smarter, Cheaper Way to End Sexual Exploitation – Kristen Jenson, Protect Young Minds

Bouncing Back: Individual and Organization Resiliency in the Movement – Autumn Burris

Violence Against Adult Women: The Contribution of Pornography and Image-Based Sexual Abuse – Walter DeKeseredy, Ph.D.

Lessons and Advice from Long-Time Direct Service Providers

Exposing the Connections Between All Forms of Sexual Exploitation

Adult Clergy Sexual Abuse: The Silent Epidemic – Boz Tchividjian

The Disaster of Legalization, and the Rise of the Abolitionist Model – Julie Bindel

Creating Cultures of Child Safety Through Courageous Leadership and Behavior Change Strategies – Katelyn Brewer

Trauma Informed and the Developing Child: Tips for Communication – Sandra Morgan, Global Center for Women & Justice

Shattered Innocence: When Sexual Abuse Impacts Children – Heidi Olson, Children’s Mercy Hospital

A Population of Slaves: How the Pornography Industry is Capturing our Brains, Hearts, and Humanity – Don Hilton

Child Victims: How We Are Serving Our Most Vulnerable Population – David Betz, National Children’s Alliance

“There’s a Dream That We Dream How the World Should Be…” – Patty Wetterling, Child Advocate, Jacob Wetterling Resource Center

Out of the Shadows: Confronting Child-on-Child Harmful Sexual Behavior – Dawn Hawkins, NCOSE

The Movement’s Voice in The Courts and Legislatures – Patrick Trueman and Benjamin Bull, NCOSE

Children’s Dance: Educational or Sexualized – Mary Bawden, Soul to Sole Choreography & DA:NCE

Marketing a Movement – Katie Feifer, World Without Exploitation

Bright Light on the Red Light: Exposing The Harms of Legal and Deregulated Prostitution

Ready or Not, Porn is Influencing the Way Teens Think About Sex and Intimacy-Natalie McAneney

Review Boards, Male Bonding and Commercial Sexual Exploitation- Peter Qualliotine

Timber! Strategies for Uprooting Commercial Sexual Exploitation- Valiant Richey

The Landscape of Technology – Threats and Opportunities – Ron DeHaas

Rethinking John School : The Future of Sex Buyer Intervention- Peter Qualloitine

Prostitution and Sex Trafficking in Nevada- Melissa Holland

National Johns Suppression Initiative : A Collaborative Demand Deterrence and Disruption Tactic- Marian Hatcher

The Global Supply Chain of Sexual Exploitation- Lisa L. Thompson

Proposing a New Way to Help People Recognize Porn-Science Propaganda When They See It- Jacob Hess

Porn Research: Fact or Fiction?- Gary Wilson

Building Resilience and Resistance to porn Culture in our Children- Gail Dines

Millennials Connecting for Change- Creed Orme & Rachel Denton

Two Sides of the Same Coin: Defining the Crime of Sex Trafficking and Ending Criminalization of Child Survivors -Christine Raino

Legislating Love, Not LockUp: A Look At Progress and Pitfalls of Anti-Trafficking Law- Karen Countryman-Roswurm

The Third Dimension of Victimization: How Victimization of our Digital Selves is Victimization of the Person- Mary Leary

Female Dynamics of Pornography Prevention, Usage, and Exploitation – Lacy Bentley

The Rise of Child Sexual Assault and Juvenile Sex Offenders: A Look at the Role of Pornography – Heidi Olson

Impact of Child Sexual Abuse on Women’s Entry into Prostitution – Mahri Irvine

Sex-Buying Accelerants: Pornography and other Normalizing Forces – Alex Trouteaud

Who Watches Porn: Research Finds 4 Key Predictors of Porn Use – Jay Stringer

Why Sex is Not Work: Stories from the sex trade. How should we respond? – Melinda Tankard Reist

Assumptions vs. Realities in Long-term Survivor Care – Jeanne L. Allert

Walking Life with Survivors Who Won’t Choose Long Term Residential Recovery Programs – Susan Norris

Belief as a Precursor for Change – Amber Rose

The New Normal: The Threat of Sexual Predation in Dating Relationships- Haley Halverson

Victory Fighting Sexual Exploitation on US Army Bases- Dawn Hawkins

Inextricably Bound – Strip Clubs, Prostitution and Trafficking- Dan O’Bryant

What’s Patriarchy Got to Do with It and Why Should Men Care?- Robert Jensen

Online Activism: Techniques to Seek Out, Engage, and Activate Your Online Following- Cabot Phillips

The Global Supply Chain of Sexual Exploitation- Lisa L. Thompson

Friends, Family, & Pimps – The Dynamics of Sexual Exploitation- Donna M. Hughes

Out of the Shadows- How Toxic Shame Fuels Sexual Exploitation- Tray & Melody Lovvorn

Ditching the Lonesome Blues- Data and Details About the Value of Accountability- Sam Black

How Dustin Hoffman Broke My Heart (and How We Can Educate Boys)- Ran Gavrieli

Addressing the Unacceptable Criminalization of Adult Exploitation- Marian Hatcher

Awakening the Sleeping Giant- Leigh Kohler

Pornography and Sexual Assault- The Latest Research- John Foubert

Put Your Mask on First Taking Care of the Caregivers- Daniel D. Gray, Mary Anne Layden, Donna M. Hughes, Gail Dines

Current Research on Economics and Usage Patterns by College-aged Men and Women- Jennifer Johnson

Strip Club Outreach- Monique Calderon

Restoration Foster Care- Filling the Gap for Commercially Sex Trafficked Children- Arrow Child & Family Ministries

National & International Activism & Engagement

Grassroots Activism & Engagement- Clay Olsen, Melissa Farley, Melinda Tankard Reist

What Doesn’t Kill You- Post-traumatic Growth in an Age of Betrayal Trauma- Dorothy Maryon

Whole of Community Approach to Child Abuse Prevention Education in Indigenous Communities- Holly-Ann Martin

Porn and Christians – Our Response, Our Hope, and Our Future- Anne Kerr

Building a World Championship Team to End Human Trafficking- Kevin Malone

Hunting Girls: Sexual Violence from the Hunger Games to Campus Rape- Kelly Oliver


CESE Summit 2018 Award Banquet Keynote Address: I Am Jane Doe and Section 230- Mary Mazzio