NCOSE Videos

These videos are produced by National Center on Sexual Exploitation in order to expose the connections between all forms of sexual exploitation. Many of these videos come from events hosted by NCOSE, including our Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit. We will update this page throughout the year as we gather more and more content, so make sure to check back often. Check out our YouTube and Vimeo accounts.

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Male Survivor of Sex Trafficking, Tom Jones

Outrage! Boys and LGBTQ Youth Sex Trafficking, Rogers & Malone

Off the Radar: Sexual Exploitation of Boys-Carol Smolenski

Pornography: An Equal Opportunity Toxin, Dr. Mary Anne Layden

Men Too! Sexual Objectification of MALE Bodies-Joseph Prud’homme

He’s a Victim, Too: Speaking Out on Male Sexual Exploitation-Haley Halverson

Under-recognized Sexual Objectification of Men-Dr. Joseph Prud’Homme

Silence of Male Survivors-Tom Jones

Break the Silence: Sexploitation of Boys & Men-Haley Halverson

Hearing the Cries of Male Sexploitation Victims-Kevin Malone

Outraged at Male/LGBTQ Sexploitation-Kevin Malone

NCOSE Hosts Congressional Briefing on Amending CDA Section 230

The Bottom Girl Phenomenon – Shamere McKenzie

Helping Women Trapped in the Adult Entertainment Industry Find Hope, Purpose, and Freedom – Rachelle Starr

Sexploitation Is Nobody’s Job: A Panel Discussion Review of Legal Approaches to Prostitution

Why We Must Oppose the Full Decriminalization of Prostitution – Taina Bien-Aimé, CATW

Amend the Communications Decency Act to Give Access to Justice to Victims of Sex Trafficking – Sam Vardaman, Shared Hope Intl.

It Can’t Wait: Exposing the Connections between forms of Sexual Exploitation – Dawn Hawkins, National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Twisting Masculinity: The Harms of Pornography to Young Boys and Men – Gabe Deem, Reboot Nation

Two Questions, the Same Answer: the Role of Demand in Prostitution and Sex Trafficking – Shamere McKenzie, Salvation Army

The Public Health Harms of Pornography: The Brain, Sexual Violence, and Erectile Dysfunction – John Foubert, Ph.D.

Today’s Pornography: Not a Constitutional Right, Not a Human Right – Patrick Trueman (NCOSE)

Inextricably Bound: The Link Between Strip Clubs, Prostitution, and Human Trafficking – What Our Military Must Do

Growing Up with Porn: The Developmental and Societal Impact of Pornography on Children – Gail Dines, Culture Reframed

Today’s Porn: Not a Constitutional Right, Not a Human Right – Patrick Trueman, NCOSE

Human Trafficking in Houston: A Collaborative Approach – Misa Nguyen, United Against Human Trafficking

Innovative Legal Solutions to Combat the Rise of Sexual Exploitation – Savanah Lawrence, NCOSE

To Super Bowl and Beyond – Nita Belles, In Our Backyard

More Than Fantasy: The Link Between Pornography and Sexual Violence – Haley Halverson, NCOSE

Raised on a Diet of Internet Porn: The Neurological Consequences of Long-term Addiction – Noah Church

Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions: Exploring the Science and Potential Negative Effects of Sexually Conditioning Arousal To Pixel – Gabe Deem

In Our Homes: Preventing Sexual Violence and Educating for Healthy Relationship – Ran Gavrieli

In Modern Bondage: A Brief History of the Development of 21st Century Exploitation and the Fight to Eradicate It – Dr. Laura Lederer

Equipping & Protecting the Church in Battle to Curb Pornography & Exploitation – Josh McDowell

Opposing the Status Quo: Changing Policies that Exploit – Dawn Hawkins

A Culture of Accountability: Shaping Behavior with Technology – Ron DeHaas

The Porn Debate: Strategies for Taking on the Media and Opposition – Gabe Deem

Education toward Equality and Health – Sophie Andar

Best Practices Working with Survivors of Sexual Exploitation – Vendita Carter

Pornography is Filmed Prostitution – Melissa Farley

The Dark Side of the Internet and the Exploitation of Children – Ernie Allen

Virtual Reality Pornography: The New Frontier in the Fight against Sexploitation – Lisa Thompson, NCOSE

Virtual Reality Pornography: The New Frontier in the Fight against Sexploitation – Lisa Thompson, NCOSE

The Rise and Risks of Female Porn Use – Jessica Harris, Beggars Daughter

Stronger Together: Different World Views, One Enemy – Matt Fradd

In Modern Bondage: A Brief History of the Development of 21st Century Exploitation and the Fight to Eradicate

Orchestrated Destruction: Pornography as a Script for Sexual Violence

Restoration for Boys and Men from Sexual Exploitation – Anna Smith

State-based Policy Wins for the Movement: Update from CT – Jillian Gillchrest, Trafficking in Persons Council, State of Connecticut

Join #EndExploitation Movement! Be a part of the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation

Why We Do What We Do: A Call to Unite Leaders in the Movement to End Exploitation – Matt Fradd

Sexual Exploitation: Connecting the Dots in Real Life – Ed Smart

Sex Trafficking Survivor Advocate Speaks Up: What’s Porn Got to Do With It? – Anna Malika

Survivor of Child Sex Trafficking, Porn, & Adult Systems of Prostitution – Robin Rivera

The Journey: From Captivity to Freedom — Sex Trafficking Survivor and Advocate Julie Shematz

VICTORY: Opposing Pornography on One Delta Flight Leads to Industry Changes

“Current Research on Economics of Pornography Industry” Jennifer Johnson, PhD,

Steven & Rhyll Croshaw, “Recovery and Healing from Pornography Addiction”

Kristen Jenson, “Porn-Proof Kids: Using a Little Brain Science to Help Children Reject Porn “

“Faith-Based Prevention & Recovery Approaches” Panel Q&A

Carl Thomas, “Faith-Based Prevention & Recovery Approaches”

Dawn Hawkins, “The Coalition: Uniting to Advocate for Change”

Ron DeHaas, “Latest Technological Delivery Systems of Pornography and Our Defenses”

Russ Warner of Net Nanny, “Latest Technological Delivery Systems of Pornography and Our Defenses”

“Latest Technological Delivery Systems of Pornography and Our Defenses” – Panel Q&A

Donna Rice Hughes, “Latest Technological Delivery Systems of Pornography and Our Defenses”

Interview with Naideen, a Sex Trafficking Survivor

Melea Stephens, MMFT, “Motivating Community Action”

Crystal Renaud, “Recovery and Healing: Women and Children Struggling with Porn Addiction”

Press Conference at the National Press Club – Porn is Public Health Crisis

Sex Trafficked Into Pornography: The Story of Renee and Hailey

Porn Fuels Sexual Violence – Dawn Hawkins Remarks at Utah Ceremonial Signing of Resolution SCR9

Ceremonial Signing of UT Resolution Recognizing Pornography as Public Health Crisis

Harmful to Minors Laws a tool to protect kids from hyper-sexualized material – Patrick Trueman

Pornography: A Public Health Crisis | US Capitol Hill Symposium hosted by NCSE

Why is Finding a Solution to the Public Health Crisis from Pornography so Difficult? | Ernie Allen | US Capitol Symposium

Pt 1 founder Patrick Trueman, Attorney at Law, at Briefing on Capitol Hill

Porn Prosecutor Alan Sears on why its important to prosecute obscenity crimes –

Federal Laws Against Porn In Schools & Libraries – Rep. Ernest Istook

Porn Prosecutor: Why enforce obscenity/porn laws?

Sexual Obesity: Research on a Public Health Crisis

Pornography, Prostitution, and Trafficking: Making the Connections | Melissa Farley, Ph.D. | US Capitol Symposium

Today’s Pornography and the Crisis of Violence Against Women and Children | Gail Dines, Ph.D.

Why Pornography is a Public Health Issue | Cordelia Anderson, MA | US Capitol Hill Symposium

Pornography and the Brain: Public Health Considerations | Donald Hilton, MD | US Capitol Hill Symposium

Pornography: Sex Education for the Developing Brain | Dr. Sharon Cooper

PRESS CONFERENCE: Cosmo Harms Minors

Harmful to Minors Laws a tool to protect kids from hyper-sexualized material – Patrick Trueman

Dawn Hawkins on the public health crisis from pornography

Are children physically, mentally, and emotionally able to process hyper-sexualized content?

How does sexually explicit content, like Cosmo, affect youth development? – Dr. Judith Reisman answers

What are the major effects of pornography on marriage – Joe Beam, founder of Marriage Helper

A Public Health Approach to Pornography

Press Conference: Pornography as Public Health Crisis

Pornography and the Colonization of Childhood

Pornography Addiction: A Supranormal Stimulus and Neuroplasticity

Long Term Consequences of Pornography Use: Overview of Research

Sex, Identity and Intimacy in a Porn Culture

Doug Weiss Presentation

From the 2014 Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Conference