Dirty Dozen List - Snapchat watch list

The Problem

Snapchat is consistently ranked as the most popular social media apps among US teens: roughly two thirds of 13–17 year-olds online using Snapchat and 34% of US teens naming it as their most important social network in a fall 2020 survey.

Unfortunately, this platform that boasts 265 million daily active users has been used by sex traffickers and predators to groom, abuse, and sell people, including children. Experts and law enforcement have witnessed a rise in Snapchat being used for sextortion. Children as young as 13 are left vulnerable to sextortion, grooming for abuse, exposure to pornography, and even being sex trafficked through Snapchat accounts that function as pornographic advertisements to sex buyers. 

Snapchat’s made improvements recently, but it can still do much more to protect minors.   

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Critical Safety Measures

Snapchat is slowly rolling out critical safety measures to curb predatory targeting, grooming, sex trafficking, and pornography exposure abuse on its platform. While we cannot share details at this time because of Non-Disclosure Agreements—we are encouraged by their plans.


In-App Reporting & Discontinued Snapcash

Snapchat enabled in-app reporting so that users can finally report abusive and sexually explicit behavior. Snapchat also discontinued Snapcash—which was being used to buy and sell pornographic images and videos, often acting as advertisements for prostitution and sex trafficking. These were key requests when Snapchat was placed on the 2018 Dirty Dozen List.


Snapchat Improved Its Policy on Graphic, Risqué Stories

Snapchat updated its guidelines for Discover publishers to discourage clickbait. It announced that Snapchat will give publishers a tool that allows them to age-gate content, or stop minors from seeing specific content.



Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send and receive photos and videos, which will disappear after a few seconds of the recipient viewing them. Photos and videos taken with the app are called Snaps. Users can also share Stories. Stories string Snaps together to create a narrative that lasts for 24 hours. To create a Story, a user chooses to add their Snaps to their Story. Depending on their privacy settings, the photos and videos added to a Story can be viewed by either all Snapchatters, just the user’s friends, or a customized group, whereas Snaps are viewed only by a user who is personally sent the Snap from the sender.

Here, here, and here are simple explanations for how Snapchat works. We especially encourage parents to learn more about this app in order to help prepare kids with digital safety guidelines. We also encourage parents to understand the tools their kids are using and to use these tools together with their kids. Visit the NCOSE Resource Center for Parents.


We recognize that Snapchat has made recent improvements to limit the excessive amount of sexually graphic material available to young users on Discover by implementing a “cold start” feature (type of content shown is based on birthday entered when creating an account), allowing Discover publishers to age-gate content, and providing users the option to delete specific Discover publishers. While we are still finding hypersexualized stories and the promotion of risky sexual behavior (e.g., polyamorous relationships) the amount has reduced substantially since earlier this fall.  

Snapchat also defaulted several safety settings for minors when accounts are set up – especially setting “Contact Me” to “My Friends” and turning on Ghost Mode. Given the significant percentage of Snapchat’s users that are minors, these changes have the potential to improve the well-being and safety of millions of youth – both in the immediate and long-term

Snapchat also discontinued Snapcash—which was being used to buy and sell pornographic images and videos, often acting as advertisements for prostitution and sex trafficking. The removal of Snapcash, and the creation of in-app reporting, were some of the key requests we made when Snapchat was placed on the 2018 Dirty Dozen List.

Further, in NCOSE’s letter sent to Snapchat inJanuary of 2018, we requested that Snapchat “provide prominent in-app reporting systems for users to report other users that send or promote sexually exploitive content.” We’re glad to see that Snapchat has followed up on this request and that there are now ways to report individual snaps for containing “nudity or sexual content” along with other report topics (though again, reporting options could still be expanded; for example, to include sextortion). Snapchat has also updated itsSafety Centerwith information about how to report harmful content and about tips to stay safe. 


Unfortunately, despite recent improvements, we still hear from other online safety experts, the survivors with whom we work, and from many concerned families that Snapchat continues to be frequently used to sexually exploit and objectify individualsserve as method for sextortion and sexting, and is still used by sex traffickers as a tool to sell children and adults for sexSnapchat’s response is insufficient both in scope and urgency given the immense harm the platform is facilitating 

Given the incredible popularity of Snapchat among teens, Snap Inc. has a serious social obligation to prioritize creating a safe environment for youth. In today’s culture, where sexual harassment and assault are rampant (and growing rapidly during COVID-19), corporations such as Snapchat have a renewed responsibility to refrain from normalizing or promoting material that promotes sexual exploitation 

We request the following improvements:

  • Create pin-protected parental controls that can’t be changed by a minor  
  • Turn off “See Me in Quick Add” feature as the default for minors  Strangers can no longer see minors in “See Me in Quick Add” unless they have a certain threshold of common contacts, nor can message them (as of January 2022)
  • Block the ability to change a birthday once an account is created Snapchat blocked the ability for minors to change their birth year (as of July 2021)
  • Remove and block accounts posting and promoting pornographic content with greater efficiency and proactive measures 
  • Add the ability for all users, particularly parents and guardians of minors, to completely hide the Stories and/or Discover sections (or at the very least create a method to block certain content across the platform, rather than having to “hide” individual stories or publishers) 
  • Update your Parent’s Guide and Community Guidelines to include information about the extensive risks on Snapchat, especially predatory or illegal behavior (sextortion, sexting, grooming, etc.) 
  • Adjust Apple App rating from 12+ to 17+ and Google Play from “Teen” to “Mature” to more accurately warn potential users – especially parents and guardians of minors – of the extensive risks on Snapchat 

WARNING: Any pornographic images have been blurred, but are still suggestive. There may also be graphic text descriptions shown in these sections.


Sexualized Stories Visible to Children

Sexualized Stories Visible to Children

Due the graphic nature of the images, they have been removed. Please contact us for more information.

Sexting and Prostitution

Sexting and Prostitution

*Trigger Warning- the below proof has been edited but it still contains sexualized imagery and may be disturbing to sensitive viewers.

Pornography is Being Used to Advertise for Sex Trafficking and Prostitution on Snapchat

Tragically, several cases (2016 and 2017 and 2018) of sex trafficking have been linked to sexual predators lurking on Snapchat. This is yet another indicator of the links between Snapchat and sexual harm.

It is an accepted fact, supported by survivors of sex trafficking, that pornographic pictures and videos are used to advertise for both sex trafficking and prostitution victims (including minors.) Further, law enforcement is finding that many sex trafficking victims and child sexual abuse imagery (i.e. child pornography) victims, are coerced into creating livestream or webcam pornography as well.

Accounts posting and selling pornographic content, from images to videos to livestreams, and even requests for sugar baby/mommy dates, are undeniably flourishing on Snapchat.

It has been documented by law enforcement that pimps and sex traffickers often either coerce trafficking or child abuse victims into making such advertising posts, or the pimp and sex trafficker creates the posts themselves in their victim’s name. This is what was found to happen on Backpage.com—the notorious classifieds ads website that was recently shut down by the Department of Justice for knowingly facilitating sex trafficking ads.

As long as the Snapchat platform fails to proactively remove accounts posting pornography, and failing to remove ads for sex acts (whether recorded, live streamed, or in person) it is impossible to distinguish between those that are allegedly willingly distributing pornographic content and those whose pages are being managed by a sex trafficker or pimp.

February 2021 Proof of Pornography on Snapchat

Due the graphic nature of the images, they have been removed. Please contact us for more information.

There are numerous lists and websites across the internet that guide Snapchat users to find accounts that post pornography.

One such website helps Snapchat users subscribe to private Snapchat accounts that post pornography:

Due the graphic nature of the images, they have been removed. Please contact us for more information.

Another such website writes:

“Naked girls on Snapchat are becoming far more common…

Porn Snapchat Accounts

Some of the best Snapchat porn on the internet are from porn stars. We have an exclusive list of the hottest porn stars that send out Snapchat nudes and they’re available for anyone to add. You can find out if your favorite porn star has their own Snapchat account and receive messages from them…

Amateur Snapchat Accounts

Not everyone’s into porn stars though, we get it. Some people prefer amateur girls who have nothing to do with the industry. Some of the best snapchat nudes are just the regular typical girl that you would run into every day. If you’re bored and tired of watching porn, then maybe you need a breath of fresh air and enjoy some amateur Snapchat porn...

There are thousands and thousands of porn snapchat accounts, so unless you’re planning on adding a ton of accounts, find out what kind of kink or fetish you’re into and search specifically for those…

Some girls don’t show off their bodies for free and there are some naked girls on Snapchat that only give out their account to subscribers or customers. Some live streamers, for example, have exclusive Patreon accounts where only their highest paying members get access to their Patreon."

Pornography performers often post nudes or ads for their pornographic videos on Snapchat, including links for users to see more. These are all visible by children using Snapchat.

Due the graphic nature of the images, they have been removed. Please contact us for more information.

News Articles

News Articles


Snapchat blackmailer from Essex is jailed

January, 2021


Hackers are breaking into Snapchat accounts and holding nude photos for ransom. One college woman says Snap did nothing to help her for days after her nudes were stolen.


Former coach stands trial for child porn and soliciting charges

January, 2019


UMBC student arrested on campus on charges of soliciting minors on Snapchat

December, 2018


Police: Lincoln sex trafficking suspect met minor on Snapchat, told her to 'auction' herself

September, 2018


Warning to parents over shocking Snapchat video being shared 'showing two children, aged 13, having sex'

January 10, 2018

Story about child pornography of 13-year olds being shared via Snapchat


Trial date set for former cop in sexting case

Police officer allegedly used Snapchat to groom 15-year-old girl into sending sexually explicit images.


“How SnapCash Killed Snapchat Porn”

Feb. 5, 2015

Article from the porn industry saying that snapcash will not be the currency of the porn industry because it requires that you use your own name and info.


“Strippers Go Undercover on Snapchat”

Feb. 25, 2015

Snapchat seems to be enforcing its own rules and shutting down accounts abusing Snapcash


“What it’s like to run an anonymous Snapchat sexting ring”

Jul 31, 2015

Reddit group with 25,000 subscribers that allows for people to find age-appropriate partners to sext with on Snapchat


“Snapchat inspiring amateur porn stars with Snapcash”

Dec 5, 2014

Snapcash has created a “new business sector for amateur porn artists and those who want to enter into the porn industry.”


“Did Snapchat Just Accidentally Monetize Nudes?”

Nov. 17, 2014

Claims that snapcash turns snapchat into a “legitimate messaging platform” for “amateur porn subculture.”  Quotes a performer who says that Snapchat isn’t secure and people don’t want to use their own name


“Snapcash is the new currency for Snapchat porn”

Nov. 21, 2014

Snapcash allows for adult performers to cut out the middleman and make money directly from their fans.


“Snapchat’s new Snapcash service could open the porn-trading floodgates”

Nov. 24, 2014

Porn star gives snapcash thumbs up.  Also, mentions how advertisements are all over reddit


“New Snapchat Snapcash service inspires amateur PORN STARS”

Nov. 24, 2014

The advent of micropayment system that allows users to get paid in cash for their amateur porn efforts


“Fuck Bitches Get Leid,” the Sleazy Frat Emails of Snapchat’s CEO”

May 28, 2014

Emails from Snapchat CEO that depict a horrible view of women



“No, Snapchat Isn’t About Sexting, Says Co-Founder Evan Spiegel”

May 12, 2012

Co-Founder jokes that Snapchat isn’t about sexting- says that it makes communication more human.


“Snapchat CEO: I Don’t Believe People Are Using My App For Sexting”

Dec. 7, 2012

Spiegel defends the app by saying that people aren’t sending risque pictures because most photos are sent during the day and people can’t upload from their gallery.


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