The Problem is a classified advertising website that serves as “the hub” for prostitution advertising through its “adult entertainment” section and provision of free basic posting of such ads. Facilitating such advertising enables sex traffickers to remain anonymous, while simultaneously granting them access to a wide audience to market adults and children for illegal commercial sex acts. According to 51 state Attorneys General (including Guam and American Samoa) many cases of sexual trafficking involving children are directly related to the posting of these ads.

We are demanding stop promoting and profiting from sexual exploitation. They must stop facilitating sex trafficking, prostitution, and the exchange of pornographic (sometimes child sexual abuse images) photos by eliminating the “adult services” section of their website.

A quick scan of the adult services section on shows pornographic photo after pornographic photo used as advertising to buy and sell women and children. Backpage earned 82.3% of the revenue generated from online advertising from June 2012-May 2013 (at least $39 million 2012-2013) from its prostitution ads and they post around 1 million prostitution ads a day. No wonder they don’t want to put a stop to the buying and selling of women on their site! 

According to AIM Group, is the leading United States website for prostitution advertising, generating nearly 80 percent of the online prostitution advertising revenue. In fact, the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) found more than 50 cases in 22 states that tied child prostitution crimes to ads posted on Backpage. Similar classified advertising websites, such as, have taken down their adult services ads after being petitioned to eliminate the section. Backpage continues to ignore the evidence, putting profit above children’s safety. (From here.)

Some may scoff that this asking Backpage to change course is about censorship of free speech. No, it’s about human rights — because one of the most searing rights abuses in America is the sexual exploitation of women and children.

We are calling on to eliminate their “adult services” section and to stop seeking profits from sexual exploitation. We join policy makers, feminists, religious groups, many celebrities, anti-trafficking organizations and thousands of concerned citizens in making this request.

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**Trigger Warning: some of the verbal descriptions in this area may be a trigger for some individuals who are recovering from trauma or addiction.

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Proof: Sex Trafficking on Backpage is the leading U.S. website for prostitution advertising, generating nearly 80% of all the online prostitution advertising revenue. Law enforcement officials say trafficked women and children are sold on Backpage daily. The site is even actively opposing laws that make it a felony to advertise sexual services of children. For this reason, NCOSE has […]


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