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The team at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation is comprised of passionate, talented individuals who come from a variety of different backgrounds. NCOSE is passionate about building a diverse team committed to a world that is free from sexual abuse and exploitation.
We love people and fight for the human dignity of all. Every team member shares these principles and hopes for a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Patrick A. Trueman


Patrick A. Trueman


Patrick Trueman serves as president of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.  He spearheads efforts to address the intersectionality between all forms of sexual exploitation, including the public health crisis of pornography, the demand for commercial sexual exploitation, the abuse of children, and more. Under his leadership, NCOSE has produced policy improvements at a wide range of notable institutions, including Google, Wal-Mart, the Department of Justice, Verizon, the Federal Communications Commission, and more.

In 2015, Mr. Trueman, a lawyer for more than 40 years, established the organization’s Law Center, to influence the law and our courts to ensure the values of human dignity are represented.

Patrick Trueman is a former Chief of the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section, Criminal Division at the U. S. Department of Justice from 1988 to 1993. While there, he supervised the prosecution of child sex crimes, child pornography, and obscenity, managing an office of prosecutors and working with the nation’s ninety-three United States Attorneys to initiate and coordinate federal prosecutions.

During his years as a lawyer, he litigated cases at all levels of the federal system, including in the United States Supreme Court. He has been an advisor to many municipalities on First Amendment law and has helped draft ordinances to end or curb the impact of sexually oriented businesses such as pornography shops, strip clubs, and related establishments. A recognized international expert, Mr. Trueman has traveled throughout the world to speak about human trafficking and the harms of sexual exploitation.

Dawn Hawkins

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Dawn Hawkins is CEO of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, the leading organization exposing the connections between all forms of sexual exploitation, including sex trafficking, prostitution, pornography, and child sexual abuse. Dawn’s energy, creativity and mobilization skills are deployed to build a world free from sexual violence, with freedom and human dignity for all.

Dawn is deeply committed to bipartisan political solutions at the federal and state level. Her issue expertise, visionary initiatives, and innovative strategy have led to groundbreaking change in the legislative arena and in multimillion-dollar corporate policies.

Dawn has been instrumental in re-imaging the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. She has centered the need to address buyer demand for commercial sex, called out corporate entities facilitating exploitation through the annual Dirty Dozen List, fostered an international movement, and constantly: advocates for survivors. Her work has sparked change at Google, Hilton Worldwide, Comcast, Walmart, the Department of Defense, Instagram, TikTok, and other influential firms. Dawn has appeared on many television programs, including CNN, Fox & Friends, and Good Morning America. She regularly authors articles and speaks around the country addressing the public health harms of pornography, curbing demand for sex trafficking, protecting children and families in our digital world, and more.

Law Center

Benjamin W. Bull, Esq.

Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Director of the NCOSE Law Center

Dani Pinter, Esq.

Senior Legal Counsel

Peter Gentala, Esq.

Senior Legal Counsel

Christen Price, Esq.

Senior Legal Counsel

Stephany Powell, Ed.D.

Director of Law Enforcement Training and Survivor Services

Pansy Watson

Legal Counsel

Madison Van Oss

Legal Assistant

Advocacy and International

Haley McNamara

Vice President and Director of International Centre on Sexual Exploitation

Lina Nealon

Director of Corporate and Strategic Initiatives

Lily Moric

International Advocacy Associate

Kerstin Neuhaus

International Advocacy Associate

Research Institute

Lisa Thompson

Vice President and Director of the NCOSE Research Institute

Michael Shively, Ph.D.

Senior Advisor on Research and Data Analysis

Marcel Van der Watt

Senior Research Analyst

Jordan Marshall

Research Assistant

Tori Rousay

Research Assistant


Eleanor Kennelly Gaetan, Ph.D.

Vice President and Director of Public Policy

Idalis Moscoso

Policy Research Associate

Global Partnerships and Events

Casey Stefanski

Senior Director of Global Partnerships and Events

Kandace McElroy

Director of Global Partnerships and Events

Katheryn Snyder

Global Partnerships and Events Fellow


Emilynda Clomera

Director of Finance and Operations

Sommer Porter

Executive Liaison

XiNomara Velazquez Yehuda

Chief of Staff


Mark Crozét

Vice President and Director of Development

Craig Osten

Director of Foundations, Organizations, and Government Grants

Amelia Rennie

Development and Fundraising Manager

Christy Horn

Development Associate


Jake Roberson

Vice President and Director of Communications

Aubrey Pound

Communications Specialist

Gbenga Fakilede

Digital and Motion Graphics Designer

Tim Nester

Manager of Web and Digital Products

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