Teresa J. Helm

Survivor Services Coordinator at NCOSE

Teresa J. Helm

Survivor Services Coordinator

As a lived-experience expert who has fought hard to bring justice against those who sexually assaulted and trafficked her through Jeffrey Epstein’s network, and as a mentor and advocate in the movement for human dignity, Teresa J. Helm is uniquely qualified to help survivors walk through the difficult, but often rewarding process of civil litigation and public policy advocacy.

As Survivor Services Coordinator at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE), Teresa walks with survivors interested in bringing civil lawsuits against corporations and individuals who profited from and facilitated their exploitation. Teresa also works with survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation who work with NCOSE to pass legislative and corporate policies that promote human dignity.

Teresa’s journey has been filled with many obstacles including being a victim of child sexual abuse, trafficking, and surviving the tangled web of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. Teresa has emerged as a powerful voice, advocate, and expert after years of self-doubt and struggling to understand that speaking about her abuse helps both her and others in their healing journeys. Teresa surfaced with a strong awakening of mind, body, and spirit which has transformed her into becoming a champion and an inspiration to countless victims, families, and the community at large.

In recent years, Teresa has joined forces with various national and international organizations, law enforcement, other community leaders, and legislators. Her efforts have helped educate and prevent sex trafficking by helping others identify the signs of grooming and by equipping them with proper tools to defend, self-advocate, and fight back. Additionally, Teresa strives to provide a platform for those that may not otherwise have the opportunity to come forward and bring their story to light.

Teresa is committed to abolishing human trafficking, and aims to help facilitate the healing that is so crucial and fundamental to regaining one’s sense of self in the aftermath of sex trafficking and sexual abuse. It is with this goal in mind, that Teresa works with survivors at NCOSE.

Teresa holds an Associate of Applied Sciences degree (AAS) is a Certified Health and Life Coach, has worked in the ER as a Surgical Assistant, is a Student Midwife at Midwives College of Utah, and has an array of certificates in various fields of Women’s Healthcare.