NCOSE Training

Equipping Law Enforcement to End Trafficking

A comprehensive local, state, and federal training to equip law enforcement on implementing tactics to end sex trafficking and restore human dignity

Law enforcement has one mission: to enhance public safety.

An important part of that mission to keep the public safe is creating accountability for those whose actions result in individual and community harm – including those who engage in the sexual exploitation of others for personal pleasure or profit – while providing avenues for those exploited to receive the healing and restoration they need.

To help law enforcement achieve its mission, NCOSE has created the ELEET (Equipping Law Enforcement to End Trafficking) Training Program.

Available in half-day, one-day, and two-day formats, the ELEET program is unique because it can be tailored to the specific needs of law enforcement in each community and helps law enforcement to fulfill federal government mandates for certain training.

The ELEET training program also goes beyond local law enforcement as the U.S. Coast Guard, Border Patrol, Department of Homeland Security, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) regularly participate in classes.

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Equipping Law Enforcement to End Trafficking

Available in half-day, one-day, and two-day formats, NCOSE’s ELEET Initiative is versatile enough to meet a diverse range of law enforcement training needs.

Led by Dr. Stephany Powell (a 30-year LAPD veteran), Dr. Marian Hatcher (lived-experience expert and anti-human trafficking coordinator for the Cook County Sheriff’s Department), and NCOSE colleagues Drs. Michael Shively (law enforcement tactic effectiveness research) and Marcel Van der Watt (20-year veteran in law enforcement internationally), the ELEET training program was developed with a working group of survivors, prosecutors, and seasoned officers in order to educate law enforcement and/or prosecutors on the importance of developing a victim-centered approach during initial contact with victims of human sex trafficking while minimizing the court appearance of victims.

What ELEET Attendees Are Saying:

The Courses

Training can be in-person or virtual.
All courses can be presented in a two-day training or as individual courses.

Welcome and Human Trafficking Overview

~1.5 hours

  • Review Definitions of CSEC, TVPA, Sex Trafficking
  • Review of Human Trafficking Elements
  • Signs of Labor and Sex Trafficking.
  • The Trafficked and the Trafficker

Implicit Bias and the Effects of Trauma on an Investigation

~2.0 hours

  • Definition of Implicit Bias
  • The Victims of Sex Trafficking
  • Sex Trafficked Victims of Color
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Trauma on a Community Level
  • Case Study Activity

How to Build a Trauma Informed Team

~2.0 hours

  • Trauma Informed Care Defined
  • Social Service System
  • Trauma Reactions
  • Psychological Impact
  • How to Incorporate Human Trafficking in Policing

Interview of a Sex Trafficked Victim

~1.5 hours

  • Elements of Sex Trafficking
  • Video Learning Activity and Group Exercise

Intersectionality of Crimes; Recognition, Utilization in Cases and Evidence

~2.0 hours

  • Hidden Crimes
  • Crimes Inside Trafficking Investigations
  • Traffic Investigations
  • Domestic Violence Investigations
  • Seizure and Preservation of Evidence
  • Presenting Your Case

Understanding the Game

~2.0 hours

  • Understanding the Rules
  • Building a Case with Minimal Cooperation From Victims
  • Process of Trafficker Control
  • Expert Witnesses Need to be Comfortable With Knowledge of Terms
  • Street Terminology

Police Working with Non-Profit Organizations

~1.0 hours

  • Law Enforcement Walking Alongside the Victim Advocate
  • Investigator Mind Shift
  • Create the Right Interview Environment
  • Building a Relationship with a Human Trafficking Non-Profit Organization

Who Buys Sex? How to Stop Sex Buying Behavior

~2.0 hours

  • Why Demand?
  • Demand Abolition Research
  • Demand Reduction Tactics
  • How to Stop Demand

The History of Prostitution

~1.0 hours

  • Prostitution as a Historical Construct
  • Intersectionality of Race, Sexism and Modern-Day Trafficking
  • Human Trafficking Through the Lens of Social Injustice

The Person Behind the Booking Number

~2.0 hours

  • Understanding Cult Mentality
  • Power of Perception
  • The Effects of Implicit Bias on Investigations

Familial Trafficking

~2.0 hours

  • Increase and recognition of familial sex trafficking
  • Familial trafficking investigations
  • Familial manipulation
  • Chronic Trauma/Poly Victimization
  • Red Flags

Illicit Massage Business

~1.0 hours

  • Investigation Without Arrest
  • Building Rapport
  • Planning and Preparation
  • Stress, Trauma, and Memory
  • Recommendations for Interviewing

Science-Based Interviewing

~1.5 hours

  • Building Rapport
  • Interview Environment
  • Planning and Preparation
  • Basics of Memory
  • Stress, Trauma, and Memory
  • Recommendations for Interviewing Victims

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