Update: February 22, 2019

Advertisers like Walt Disney Co. and AT&T are suspending advertising with YouTube over mounting concerns about the platform being used for the eroticization of children and for pedophile networking.

Two days after Google claimed to be finally fixing this problem,  The National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s Haley Halverson researched claims of pedophile rings, child erotica, and child exploitation on YouTube and found alarming results confirming the original reports and continued use of the platform for exploitive purposes.

A video displaying proof (edited to not endanger children’s identities) is here:

Learn more about this issue here.

A while ago, Google removed its “don’t be evil” clause from its code of conduct.

Is this decision predictive of Google’s stance on sexual exploitation issues?

In short: it’s complicated.

Google is a vast corporate empire, and there have been some important steps forward that Google has taken to combat sexual exploitation, including responses to NCOSE activism to remove pornographic apps from GooglePlay, ceasing pornographic Google Ads, improving WiFi filtering tools, and improving the visibility of the SafeSearch filtering option in Google Images.

Nevertheless, Google has been named to the 2019 Dirty Dozen List because it has failed to proactively address serious digital harms flourishing on YouTube, Google Chromebooks, and Google Images.

Three Areas of Concern


Safe Search

In 2018, NCOSE met with Google executives and asked for Safe Search to be put in the top right corner of Google Images. Google agreed and placed it in the top right of Google Images. Now more users will know the filter is available to them.

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YouTube Kids App

Feb 23 2015

Google AdWords prohibits explicit content

In June 2014, Google enacted policies for AdWords to no longer accept ads that promote graphic depictions of sexual acts or ads that link to websites that have such material in them.

June 2014

GooglePlay Cleaned Up

In 2013, Google announced that pornographic and sexually explicit apps would no longer be allowed in GooglePlay. This policy was enforced, with hundreds of apps removed from the app store, in March 2014.

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Robust Family Safety Center

Google regularly updates and improves the Family Safety Center with great tools and ways to protect children from exploitation and other online dangers. Check it regularly!

Visit the Google Family Center


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Utilize the Built-in Controls

While we are demanding that Google to automatically turn on safety search and filters for all Chromebooks sold to schools, you can proactively make sure your child’s devices are safe. Share this information with other parents and with your school officials.


Tell Google to Remove Graphic Pornography from Images Search

Google: Thank You Petition

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Help us urge YouTube to change the way they operate. They must use the necessary resources to decrease the sexually graphic content on their site.

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