Google Just Made a Major Improvement for WiFi Filtering

We are encouraged to report that Google has made significant strides in providing families and individuals with better ways to avoid pornographic material online!

GoogleThanksGoogle_Filtering has made a more public push to inform its users of online safety and digital wellness tools the company provides, including its ability to filter out pornography for home WiFi if you use the Google WiFi router. In addition to filtering out pornography, these tools enable parents to set time limits on children’s access to the Internet, and more.

These are the instructions Google provides here:

Automatically block millions of pornography websites

Rest a little easier with Google Wifi’s site blocking feature. Automatically block millions of sexually explicit websites from your kids’ devices with Google’s SafeSearch technology.

Set up site blocking

  1. Open the Google Wifi app and tap the  width= tab.
  2. Tap Family Wi-Fi  width=.
  3. Tap Site blocking.
  4. If you haven’t set up any family labels yet, you’ll need to do that first. Labels help you identify the different devices using your network. You’ll use these labels to determine which device or groups of devices you want to enable for automatic site blocking. Tap Create label to begin. Learn how to create labels.
  5. Tap the toggle next to a label to turn on automatic blocking for that label.

Turn off site blocking

To turn off site blocking:

  1. Open the Google Wifi app and tap the  width= tab.
  2. Tap Family Wi-Fi  width=
  3. Tap Site blocking.
  4. To turn off site blocking for a label, tap the toggle switch.

What is Google Safe Search?

Google Wifi’s site blocking uses Google’s SafeSearch technology to help block millions of sexually explicit websites. The internet is massive and no filter is perfect, but it helps avoid most adult websites.

SafeSearch doesn’t currently block sites containing violent or illegal content.

Note: Google Wifi’s automatic blocking prevents these SafeSearch sites from being reached, but it doesn’t block the sites from showing on Google Search results.

You can also learn more about Google’s SafeSearch functions for the search engine from Covenant Eyes:

Join us in thanking Google for making these important improvements that bring us one step closer to a world where people are not forced to be exposed to pornography!

Please sign this petition so we can show Google that there is support for more solutions.

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