A surprising number of schools and public libraries do not have pornography filtering software and a much larger number employ ineffective filtering software that children are bypassing to gain access to pornography. This is a national outrage.

Our Safe Schools, Safe Libraries Project is a grassroots campaign designed to empower parents throughout the country with the tools needed to identify the local schools and public libraries where children are at risk.

The project is vitally necessary. News reports of children gaining access to porn in schools and public libraries are a regular occurrence. The project has the additional benefit of developing grassroots anti-pornography leaders for the future.

We call on concerned parents and citizens everywhere to join this effort and be a voice asking for safer schools and libraries! Download the “Getting Started” packet that explains, from start to finish, how you can get effective filtering in their schools and libraries. Several communities have succeeded with this project!

We have also prepared model state legislation that mandates effective filtering in schools and libraries, as well as model library policies to keep pornography off computers.


Become a Community Leader, Download Getting Started Packet



Become a Community Leader

It often just takes a few concerned citizens to simply ask for effective filters to be installed and the libraries and schools will do it! Please take on this project and lead the way in your neighborhood.

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American Library Association is a top contributor to sexual exploitation.  Share this graphic on social media!

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Become a Community Leader, Download Getting Started Packet
American Library Association fosters sexual exploitation
Porn in libraries leads to many harms
Become a community leader
Why are we exposing kids to porn in libraries
American Library Association is a top contributor to sexual exploitation. 

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Safe Schools Safe Libraries Getting Started Packet clip


SNL Jokes About the Orland Park Library’s Porn Policy

On November 16, 2013, Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update made fun at the computer use policies at the Orland Park Public Library. Go to 1:27 in the video to see Seth Meyer’s commentary.

SNL Orland Park Library

Pornography Plaguing College Campuses

Education is the key that opens doors to invaluable opportunities and possibilities.  In first political statement, President Abraham Lincoln said, “Upon the subject of education… I can only say that I view it as the most important subject which we as a people may be engaged in.” Lincoln placed education on a pedestal above all […]

Mom upset after 9-year-old daughter sees man watching porn at public library

A central Indiana mom is outraged after what her 9-year-old daughter saw on a computer screen at the public library: “She told me she saw a guy looking at porn on the computer.”

Fox59 logo

BIG VICTORY in Spokane, WA – Community Leader’s Story

Read the full and original by one of the women (Tiffani) who led the effort here: http://asmallmoment.blogspot.com/2012/09/victory.html Here is part of her story of events:   My “Stand for Something” post written almost 2 months ago has made it’s way ontoMormonwoman.org, and will soon be published on the Voices for Virtue website. It’s been almost 3 months since the library incident and […]

Yakima libraries to block ‘adult’ websites after community pressure

It comes after a story we first brought you last month; a man touching himself while watching porn at the downtown branch. The library said his behavior was unacceptable, but not the pornography. That changed when parents and other groups brought their complaints to the library board Monday night. They worried about the protection of […]

WA: Porn in Yakima’s libraries: ‘People have the right to free flow of information’

Find original article here: http://www.kimatv.com/home/video/Porn-in-Yakimas-libraries-Your-right-to-watch-168228906.html August 31, 2012 YAKIMA, Wash. — Shanna Buckles frequently brings her children to the downtown Yakima library. She was surprised that people can openly watch pornography on these public computers. “I do have an older child that likes to go on the internet and use the computers on the adult side,” […]

Ever since I first saw it at the library, I sought it out

Ever since I first saw it at the library, I sought it out. My parents tried everything they could to prevent my access, but I always found a way. I watched it habitually until I got married and then I tried to quit. I found myself watching again and when my wife found out, even though I saw […]

Middle school teacher accused of watching porn in class

Tampa Bay Times: http://www.tampabay.com/news/education/k12/middle-school-teacher-accused-of-watching-porn-in-class/1246224 By Marlene Sokol TAMPA — A middle school teacher could be fired over allegations that he watched pornography in class and exposed his students to pornographic material. David Tenney, 51, taught AVID, a study skills class, at Liberty Middle School in New Tampa. Tenney was in his sixth-grade classroom using his […]

Ex-Brighton choir teacher charged with soliciting student

KSL.com – http://www.ksl.com/?nid=960&sid=21733122 By: Pat Reavy COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS — A former Brighton High School teacher has been charged with soliciting a student and attempting to view pornography at school. Steven Richard Smith, 39, was charged Thursday in Holladay Justice Court with electronic communication harassment, attempting to access pornography on school property and sexual solicitation, all […]

Myrtle Beach man views porn in school library, pleasures himself, police say

June 27, 2012 SCNow.com Read full article here: http://www2.scnow.com/news/grand-strand/2012/jun/27/2/myrtle-beach-man-views-porn-school-library-pleasur-ar-4048888/ MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — A Myrtle Beach man was charged after he admitted to police he watched porn on a school computer and pleasured himself at the same time, police said. The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon at Horry Georgetown Technical Collegeon Pampas Drive, according to […]