Wish, a top ten retail shopping website and app used by over 500 million people, is one of the few mainstream corporations still working with the world’s biggest sexual abusers—MindGeek and Pornhub—even though child sexual abuse material, depictions of actual rape and sex trafficking, and non-consensually recorded and/or shared intimate videos abound on the website. Not only that, but Wish’s profits rest on the marketing of child-like sex dolls, spycams advertised as useful for filming women nude without permission, and misogynistic apparel. 

Wish is not “shopping made fun”—it is shopping made exploitative. 

Call on them to stop prioritizing profits over people by taking action below! 

The shopping platform, unlike Amazon, was built specifically for smartphones and connects customers directly to third-party manufacturers for “dirt cheap prices.” Wish is the third most-downloaded shopping application in the world, currently shipping to 140 out of 195 countries. With its accessibility and wild popularity, Wish is valued at $1.9 billion and growing, as the company just went public in the fourth quarter of 2020. 

Wish remains one of the only major corporate entities continuing to support the infrastructure of the sexual exploitation industry. Wish is a top advertiser for hardcore pornography conglomerate MindGeek’s websites, which include Pornhub.¹ Public outrage at MindGeek is soaring as numerous victims have come forward about their sexual abuse, sex trafficking, child sexual abuse being filmed and then uploaded and shared countless times on Pornhub and their other websites. Others have shared that Pornhub profited from distributing non-consensually recorded and/or non-consensually uploaded intimate videos. With individuals like Rose Kalemba speaking up, 2 million+ signatures on a petition, a groundbreaking New York Times articleVisa, Mastercard & Discover cutting ties with Pornhub, the Canadian Government calling MindGeek to account, and lawsuits mounting against them, Wish knows that they are partnering with the world’s biggest serial exploiters. 

In an investigative hearing before the Canadian Parliament, MindGeek’s co-owner and CEO Feras Antoon told members that 50% of their revenue comes from advertising.²  

It certainly seems like the perfect partnership when one considers that so many videos of non-consensually recorded and uploaded intimate videos abound on Pornhub and that Wish sells and markets spy cameras for filming women in various private settings.  

The sex dolls being sold by Wish literally turn women and children into sex objects. As Dr. Maras and Dr. Shapiro note in the Journal of Internet Law, sex dolls “have the potential of altering individuals’ views and perceptions of relationships, ultimately, having them interact with humans as they would with the dolls and robots.”³

What does it lead to when hardcore pornography videos sexualizing what is meant to look like or actually is a minor (which is one of the most popular topics in porn today) are shown with retail advertisements for childlike sex dolls by their side? Or when non-consensually filmed pornography is shown next to an ad selling spycams? The impact of Wish products being advertised right next to porn’s abusive themes is perpetuating a culture that believes it is okay to sexually abuse or exploit someone—and Wish can make it happen for “dirt cheap.”  

Even more, Wish reviews are littered with porn uploaded by users.  

Wish hosts, sells, profits from, and fuels sexual exploitation.  

Help us send a message to Wish to prioritize people over profits! Take action below! 



  1. Stop funding the sexual exploitation industry and cease business with MindGeek and all pornography and prostitution websites.
  2. Reject profits from sexual abuse and exploitation by refusing to sell items like spycams specifically marketed to film women in various intimate moments and sex dolls, particularly childlike and full-body sex dolls.


¹ MindGeek owns TrafficJunky which powers all advertisements for the MindGeek empire. Their media kit lists Wish as their top advertiser.

² “Meeting No. 19 ETHI – Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics,” February 5, 2021. Mr. Antoon answers a question about MindGeek’s revenue around 9:50.

³ Maras, Marie-Helen, and Lauren R Shapiro. “Child Sex Dolls and Robots: More Than Just an Uncanny Valley.” Journal of Internet Law, December 2017.




.@Wish is one of #Traffickinghub's major advertisers! They are giving money to a website profiting from CSAM, rape videos, non-consensually recorded and/or shared intimate moments, and sex trafficking. #ShutItDown Click To Tweet .@WishShopping it's time to stop selling child-like sex dolls on your site! These items commodify women and normalize sexism! #NotBuyingIt #MeToo #WishApp Click To Tweet .@WishShopping stop advertising spycams on your site for stalking and spying on women! The ads make it clear women are targets. Please fix this sexist marketing! #WishApp #StopStalking #NotBuyingIt Click To Tweet

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