Dirty Dozen List 2015 - American Apparel

The Problem

American Apparel’s advertising strategy was to normalize the objectification of women. To sell products, the company regularly featured nude or provocatively posed young girls with an emphasis on women’s breasts, buttocks and pubic area. We are happy to report that on March 26, 2015, the company was removed from the 2015 Dirty Dozen List thanks to significant changes to their policies! The retailer reevaluated and changed the organization’s leadership, advertising strategy and brand identity, which have been purposely done to avoid the sexual exploitation of women just to sell products. They also cleaned up their online ads by deleting pornographic images from its website.

We invite you to thank the company for these positive changes!

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American Apparel changes leadership

What once was a business that exploited women in their ads and even in their corporate office, has now made huge strides to reform the culture of their brand. Today, we are happy to report that we instigated positive changed and progress for the controversial retailer, American Apparel. This is

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American Apparel changes policies pushing sexual exploitation. no more nudity and overly sexual advertisements will be used

SEE PDF OF LETTER SENT HERE March 26, 2015 Ms. Paula Schneider, CEO American Apparel 747 Warehouse Street Los Angeles, CA 90021   Ms. Schneider:   We are writing you to express our gratitude for the reevaluation and apparent changes in American Apparel to avoid the sexual exploitation of women

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