October 13, 2017

Amazon Executive’s Alleged Sexual Harassment Exposes the Company’s Corporate Culture

Washington, DC – In the wake of Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein scandal, Amazon Studio’s Chief Roy Price was suspended yesterday following allegations of sexual harassment leveled against him by a producer for Amazon Studios.

“Corporate leaders create corporate culture. If the people at the top are engaging in sexual harassment, or other forms of sexual exploitation and abuse, it is no surprise when the company’s ethos and policies reflect their harmful behavior,” said Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

“Amazon is a target of our 2017 Dirty Dozen List for selling sexually exploitive items in several categories, from pimping and sex trafficking how-to manuals, to sexually graphic and degrading original Amazon Prime content, photography books featuring eroticized child nudity, and more. Amazon’s laissez fair attitude toward its sale of sexually exploitive materials is not happening in a vacuum,” Hawkins continued.

“Following the Harvey Weinstein scandal, more victims feel empowered to speak out against high-profile perpetrators of sexual abuse. But the cultural outcry shouldn’t end there. Today, we again are calling on Amazon’s leadership to stop turning a blind eye the role their services play in perpetuating sexual exploitation for the rest of the American people.”

“The National Center on Sexual Exploitation offers to meet and work with Amazon to improve these policies.”

Learn more about NCOSE’s Dirty Dozen List at DirtyDozenList.com.

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