May 27, 2019

CESE Global Summit in Two Weeks!

The 2019 Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Global Summit is almost upon us! June 12-15, 2019 outside of Washington, DC.

The #CESESummit is the best place to learn more about the movement, hear the latest research from top experts in the field, and grow into a stronger leader equipped with the right tools, relationships, and information to go forward and make a change in your community.

With over 60 speakers on the program, there is something for everyone, no matter your background, interest, or level of expertise. Here are a few highlights from our diverse speaker line up!

  • Show Me the Data: The Latest Research on How Pornography Harms – John Foubert, Ph.D., Union University
  • Best Practices and Tips for Working with Survivors – Shamere McKenzie, Sun Gate Foundation; Rebekah Charleston, Valiant Hearts
  • The Virtual Cage: How the Internet Teaches Us to Exploit Ourselves – Ross Douthat, New York Times Columnist
  • Child Victims: How We Are Serving Our Most Vulnerable Population David Betz, National Children’s Alliance
  • Adult Clergy Sexual Abuse: The Silent Epidemic – Boz Tchividjian, J.D., GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Church)

Besides our multitude of speakers, we also have incredible opportunities for enriching and educational activities. Some of these activities are:

  • The Day on the Hill: Engaging Federal Leaders to End Sexploitation: 200+ experts will descend on Capitol Hill to meet with every office to make sure our lawmakers are informed on the issues we care most about!
  • Film Screenings:  No movement gains traction without powerful multi-media tools! The #CESESummit will be screening some powerful new documentaries,  “Let Me Tell Ya’ll ’bout Black Chicks: Violence Against Black Women in Pornography”, “Gridshock”, and “Brain, Heart, World” as well as highlighting some new, moving short pieces that target young people online with the message of Abolition!
  • Strategy Meetings: There will be opportunities to gather with leaders from around the world in small groups to discuss specific issues and hurdles facing our movement, such as “How to better address demand for commercial sexual exploitation,” “Legal strategies,” “Working in K-12 schools,” and more!

Do not miss this event! For a more detailed schedule, visit our summit website here.

Even if you’re not able to join in-person this year (though TRY AS HARD AS YOU CAN!), there are some goodies available to our friends tuning in online.

We will stream most of the presentations taking place in the Luray ballroom on our Facebook page here:

You can follow and engage with others participating the Summit by using #CESESummit and #EndExploitation on your favorite social platforms

Within about two months, we will have most of the presentations available for viewing on the 2019 CESE Summit webpage.


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