July 29, 2015

Victory: Rite Aid, Delhaize America to Cover Cosmo Magazine

Thanks to thousands of upset customers some major retailers are rethinking their policy surrounding the controversial and pornographic Cosmopolitan Magazine. National Center on Sexual Exploitation and Victoria Hearst teamed up in the Cosmo Harms Minors campaign urging retailers to put this magazine behind blinders and to no longer sell it to minors. Thousands of concerned citizens have joined the campaign as well and have contacted many top retailers asking that they move to adopt these policies. In a nationwide poll, conducted by NCSE, the majority of Americans agreed that Cosmo’s front cover is not appropriate for all ages.

Cosmo_Thank Retailers Policy Change_Delhaize Riteaid_V3A major blow to the magazines profits are coming soon as retail chains RiteAid and Delhaize America, owner of Hannaford Stores and Food Lion, have recently told the National Center on Sexual Exploitation that they are changing their current policies and will now place Cosmopolitan magazines behind blinders in their stores  due to the magazine’s inappropriate content and covers. This as a major victory for the ongoing campaign to shield Cosmo from minors because of the magazine’s glorification and desensitization of porn and sexual violence.

Cosmopolitan magazine regularly features articles, and occasionally explicit pictures, encouraging girls to participate in group, anal, and violent torture sex, and it blatantly targets young girls by displaying teen idols on their covers. Recently, Cosmo even posted an article encouraging readers to visit hardcore porn sites, including one site that is particularly focused on the extremely violent torture of women.

We are thankful to RiteAid and Delhaize America for not allowing this harmful material to be in plain view of minors at their stores, and we encourage other chains to follow suit, and to refuse to sell this pornographic magazine to minors.

You can thank Delhaize America and Rite Aid for choosing to protect children instead of profiting from sexual exploitation right here.

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