January 10, 2018

The Deuce Producer James Franco Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Washington, DC – Multiple women, including two actresses, accused actor, director, and producer James Franco of sexual misconduct after he wore a “Time’s Up” pin to the Golden Globe Awards. Franco says the allegations “aren’t accurate,” but he supports “change.” Franco is a producer and actor for HBO’s sexually exploitive show, The Deuce, which is about pornography and prostitution in 1970s New York City.

“James Franco’s The Deuce normalizes the inherently exploitive industries of prostitution and pornography, the victims of which are overwhelmingly girls and women. Unless and until James Franco acknowledges the harm productions like his do to women, his talk of ‘change’ is completely hollow,” said Lisa L. Thompson, Vice President of Research and Education at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

The Deuce is centered on the commercial sex trade, which provides a convenient backdrop for James Franco and HBO to portray copious amounts of gratuitous nudity, misogyny, and violence against women as simply part of the story.”

“The first test of whether James Franco is sincerely concerned about sexual assault and the mistreatment of women is whether he stops actively contributing to #MeToo culture by dropping out of The Deuce,” said Thompson.

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