January 16, 2020

Did JetBlue Turn a Blind Eye When An Employee Assaulted a Woman?

A JetBlue employee has filed a lawsuit against the airline as well as a co-worker. She claims that the airline did nothing when she reported being sexually assaulted by the co-worker, and she claims that this is even after JetBlue allegedly told her they had substantiated the attack occurred.

Excerpt from Fox Wilmington:

That night, the two were waiting for a third co-worker in their hotel lobby, during which time Tenorio tried to put his head on Doe’s chest in an inappropriate manner, WNBC reported. Doe questioned his actions, but Tenorio allegedly removed his head. They then met up with their colleague and went out for the night.

A JetBlue employee, identified only as Jane Doe in court documents, claims she was assaulted by a co-worker in Feb. 2019.

Upon returning to the hotel, the group met up with another employee, and the four sat in the lobby until 4 a.m. the next morning, at which point they decided to return to their rooms, according to the court documents cited by WNBC. Doe claims, however, that once inside the elevator, Tenorio pressed himself against her and said aloud, “She don’t know she going to my room tonight. We going to have some fun.”

Once at Tenorio’s floor, Doe claims he also yanked her off the elevator and carried her down the hall. She alleges that she scratched his neck in order to get away from him and back to her room, leaving nail marks that he would later try to hide with a scarf on the return flight.

That day, she says she told one of her co-workers about Tenorio’s alleged behavior, leading this person to confront Tenorio, who responded by saying, ‘Oh no, I was just playing with her. Did she think I was trying to rape her?’”

Doe claims she also reported the man’s behavior to her superiors. An investigation was launched, she said, but JetBlue did not terminate Tenorio’s employment, even after allegedly telling her they substantiated the assault. Doe said she was also told she should just try avoiding Tenorio from then on.

Learn more about the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s Fly Free campaign and take action to end sexual harassment and assault on airlines.

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