May 3, 2011

Do Something!

What you can do:

Many communities have passed legislation to make filters mandatory in their libraries. It often starts with just a few concerned people. Your actions can protect many individuals, especially children, from suffering the harms of pornography because of free and unrestricted access at their local libraries.  We are here to aid you in your efforts. Please contact us at or on this webpage for more help! We need you!

Here is a list of things to do to get started:

Do a library check and get back to us with the results. We need your help gathering this information. We will soon post this information.

  1. Ask for a written copy of the library position regarding pornography on computers.
  2. Ask if they have filtering software on the computers. Then, ask whether individuals or librarians can unblock them and for what reason.
  3. Respectfully ask the librarian if they have had any issues with patrons viewing pornography and what happened? (Make this a friendly conversation.)
  4. Share your concern regarding this issue.
  5. Let us know what happened by emailing your findings to: Please include the city, state and name of your library.

Look at this list to see if your state has a law protecting children and adults from pornography in public libraries. Click here to see list. Here’s another list of library district policies – it is not yet complete, but help us add to it!

Contact your local library and demand filters be put in place. Many librarians will agree with you on this subject and will do all they can to install filters on their systems. We just need to ask! All they have to do is submit their plan to the Federal Communications Commission and they can receive more funding for it too. Direct them here: Follow up with them!

Organize a small community effort. Increase the pressure to install filters in your local library. Ask your friends, family, neighbors, teachers, etc. to join you by contacting your local library. Ask to meet with the management if needed. Contact us for materials to help you organize and prove the harms of pornography to children and individuals and to convey the existing laws. (Email for help.) Groups as small as 5 can make a difference.


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