June 19, 2013

FCC Successes To Report




Over 105,000 public comments have been filed, nearly 1,000 to 1 in opposition to allowing nudity and profanity on broadcast TV during the day. 


Obama’s pick for the new FCC chairman was asked about his position on decency yesterday in a Senate Confirmation hearing.

THANK YOU! You support and efforts are paying off! 

MIM’s leadership in rallying other groups around the country to get involved has worked! We reached the goal of getting 100,000 comments by today’s deadline.  This was quite a feat considering how difficult the government made it to file a public comment on their system. THANK YOU to all who helped.
Additionally, our work with Congress is paying off too. We’ve been meeting with many key members the last couple of weeks about this issue of TV decency. Yesterday, one of our friends, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) confronted Obama’s pick to lead the FCC (Tom Wheeler) about his position on this in the confirmation hearing. Wheeler’s answer was somewhat vague, but there is still time to nail him down on the importance of enforcing decency standards on broadcast TV. We will work hard to make sure Wheeler’s commitment is crystal clear before he is confirmed, but we can take a moment to celebrate this small victory of even getting the issue on the table! 
THANK YOU for standing up for the dignity of others. We couldn’t do this without many like you on our side.

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