September 19, 2013

FCC Win- Nominee Commits to TV Decency

FCC Win- Nominee Commits to TV Decency

WASHINGTON, D.C. (September 19, 2013) – Federal Communications Commission nominee Michael O’Rielly committed to enforcing the federal decency law during his Senate nomination hearing Sept. 18. When questioned by Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., O’Rielly said he would enforce the current standard.

Senate Commerce Committee Hearing

“It was refreshing to hear a nominee to the FCC commit to enforcing federal decency law,” said Patrick A. Trueman, President of Morality in Media. “We thank Senators Blunt and Scott for taking this lead on this issue that is very important to families across America,” he added.

More than 70 group leaders signed a letter to members of the Senate Commerce Committee asking them to question FCC nominee Michael P. O’Rielly on TV decency enforcement at his nomination hearing this week. The 70 groups are particularly concerned about the direction of the FCC after President Obama’s nominee to chair the commission, Tom Wheeler, refused to commit to decency enforcement during his hearing before the Commerce Committee recently.

Excerpts from the hearing can be found below.

September 18 Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation

Sen. Blunt: “Do you have a view that the current rules are unenforceable?”
Mr. O’Rielly: “I think the Commission has an obligation to enforce the statute and it’s rules fully, and I would commit to that.”

Mr. O’Rielly: “I would commit to you that I will do everything that I can to help parents and families protect their children from unwanted material.”

Mr. O’Rielly: “My understanding, hearing from a number of members on this committee, and also from a number of folks on the outside, they do not see the interest in changing the standard.”

Sen. Scott: “Mr. O’Rielly, thank you for your previous comments to Sen. Blunt’s question and comments as it relates to the decency standards. We truly appreciate your commitment to pay very close attention to that.”

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