March 30, 2016

First Waver: Bruce Taylor

A man who believes that pornographers must not be allowed to control your life or your community.


Bruce Taylor written descriptionBruce Taylor is the most prolific obscenity prosecutor in America. Between 1973 and 2005, he prosecuted nearly 100 state and federal obscenity jury cases, as well as another 100 jury trials on such crimes as prostitution, child pornography, and child sexual abuse. There are many communities in America that are free of strip clubs and other sexually-oriented businesses because of the work of Mr. Taylor who now serves as an Immigration Judge at the U.S. Immigration Court in Florence, Arizona.






This feature is a part of the It’s Our Turn Campaign.

The “It’s Our Turn” campaign celebrates the rich history of men & women willing to defend human dignity. By telling their stories we hope to inspire the next generation of leaders willing to take a stand against sexual exploitation.


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