March 22, 2018

First Waver: Dr. James Dobson

The man who declared that, “Pornography is a winnable war.”

Dr James Dobson First Waver ExplanationFor decades, James Dobson, PhD, the founder of Focus on the Family, has been a leading, many would say, “the leading,” advocate for the family in America. Presciently, he saw the influence that pornography had on family life and warned more than three decades ago that we must fight and win a “war on pornography.”

Indeed, Dr. Dobson started a war and, utilizing the full and considerable resources of Focus on the Family, including his daily radio show carried on hundreds of stations throughout the country, Dr. Dobson motivated an entire generation of Christians to halt the spread of pornography. His untiring efforts moved even President Reagan who named him to the Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography.

Dr. Dobson interviewed serial killer Ted Bundy the day before his execution in 1989 where Bundy revealed that violent pornography significantly molded his fantasies, and contributed to the cruel rape and murder of his victims.


This feature is a part of the It’s Our Turn Campaign.

The “It’s Our Turn” campaign celebrates the rich history of men & women willing to defend human dignity. By telling their stories we hope to inspire the next generation of leaders willing to take a stand against sexual exploitation.

Now we must take up the torch, continue to movement, and following in Dr. Dobson’s footsteps, win the battle for human dignity.


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