March 30, 2016

First Waver: Elaine Murhammer

A local activist who made good things happen.

Elaine Murhammer is a passionate citizen who had a vision for something better in her community and brought that vision to fruition. She served as a secretary/treasurer for the Louisiana chapter of Morality in Media in the 1960’s. By developing strong relationships with legislators and local law enforcement agencies, Elaine changed local laws and saw to it that they were enforced. Those laws placed fines and/or jail time on storeowners who were selling sexually explicit magazines and, as Elaine says, “made all the difference in the world.” Elaine, now in her 80’s, still distributes NCOSE’s materials at her senior citizen’s complex and doctor’s office and is a consistent contributor to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.


This feature is a part of the It’s Our Turn Campaign.

The “It’s Our Turn” campaign celebrates the rich history of men & women willing to defend human dignity. By telling their stories we hope to inspire the next generation of leaders willing to take a stand against sexual exploitation.


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