February 13, 2018

The Global Dispatch: Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation to Walgreens, Target: Remove the ‘dehumanizing’ SI Swimsuit issue

The new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue is making headlines with their “#MeToo” theme, despite having the models pose nude, and the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation is calling on retailers to act: pull the magazines off the racks.

This is a topic on the new Brandon Jones Show HERE, check out the clip below.

From the statement by Senior VP & Executive Director, National Center on Sexual Exploitation, Dawn Hawkins:

You cannot humanize something that is fundamentally dehumanizing. Yet, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, which just came out today, is trying to do just that with their “In Her Own Words” campaign.

This campaign is a futile attempt to jump on the Me Too movement bandwagon, and it’s totally counterproductive. The magazine is using softcore pornographic images of women with words “of their own choosing” painted all over their bodies in lieu of clothing to show that they’re more than just body parts. It’s completely senseless.

If you have to paint the word “human” on the very woman you’re objectifying to prove that she is, in fact, a human, and not just an object for men’s sexual pleasure, you’re doing it wrong.

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