March 9, 2018

Herald-Tribune: Sarasota’s Revcontent bans sexual content

It makes 250 billion content recommendations a month, so the effect could be widespread

Sarasota digital marketing company Revcontent said it has revised its content policy to eliminate the use of sexually objectifying language and explicit content.

Revcontent said it is the first advertising network to be endorsed by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation for removing sexually explicit content.

It’s a change that could have widespread effects: The company says it is the world’s largest content recommendation network with 250 billion content recommendations a month. It boosts traffic to its clients’ sites with the “recommended for you” and “you might also like” items seen on many web pages.

 The company said in a statement that the recent #MeToo movement has exposed an “appalling amount” of sexual misconduct on all levels of power.

“Sexual misconduct and exploitation is a massive problem that this world faces on a daily basis,” said John Lemp, founder and CEO at Revcontent. “As a Christian and someone who was shocked by the amount of stories that have been shared through this movement, I wanted to ensure that Revcontent was doing its part to eliminate sexually explicit imagery, headlines and landing pages, not only in our network, but in advertising as a whole.”

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