March 29, 2017

March 29 Prayer Alert

Did you hear the exciting news?

Arkansas is the latest state to pass a resolution formally recognizing the public health crisis of pornography.

Today please send up prayers of praise for this important step forward! Arkansas is the third state to pass this resolution! I have high hopes this victory will help to propel the national dialogue about the harms of pornography as well as help raise awareness for parents about how to better protect their children from pornography. Every day more people are paying attention to the research that shows pornography has neurological, psychological, and physical harms.

If you want to see some of the research on the harms of pornography you can learn more

Please also pray for more states to pass resolutions that recognize the harms of pornography. Several advocates in states around the country are considering similar resolutions, so please pray that the elected officials get connected with experts who will share the truth about pornography and that they will have the courage to speak out. 

Thank you for your part in this movement!

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