Meet the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s Fall 2020 Interns

Internships at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation provide energetic and highly motivated individuals the opportunity to address issues of sexual abuse and exploitation while gaining new skills through hands-on opportunities that seek to prevent exploitation before it begins, and which foster a national culture that stands for freedom from sexual exploitation.

Sexual Justice Advocate Interns also enjoy abundant opportunities, even as they work virtually.

Meet our Fall 2020 interns!

Madeline Bluth, Public Health Intern at the National Center on Sexual ExploitationMadeline Bluth, Public Health Intern – As a senior at Brigham Young University studying public health, Madeline Bluth is passionate about health disparities and pushing for greater access to preventative care and health education. Working as a certified nursing assistant among the geriatric community has directed her to see the need for advocacy on behalf of vulnerable populations. Combining her educational background and personal interests led to an opportunity to learn from justice advocates at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. She is excited to dive deep into uncovering the reality of sexual exploitation and becoming a change agent in fighting for human dignity. She is driven to stand up for the voiceless and continue to raise awareness of the sexual exploitation.

Joon Hwang, Legal Intern at the National Center on Sexual ExploitationJoon Hwang, Legal Intern – “It is no secret that the modern pornographers are at the forefront of utilizing consumer data not only to aggregate but to produce content. As a law student, I am fixated by the legal and moral implications of this development. In our modern liberal world of fragmented values, the issues surrounding all forms of sexual exploitation are becoming harder to fight. But the NCOSE is relentless in its dedication to ending all forms of sexual exploitation. That is why I am here. I hope to learn from those at the forefront of fighting this war. And I aspire to pierce through the veil of fragmented values and transform the way our world sees the issues surrounding pornography.”

Katheryn Snyder, Coalition and Events Intern at the National Center on Sexual ExploitationKatheryn Snyder, Coalition and Events Intern – Katheryn is currently a senior majoring in Marriage and Family Studies through Brigham Young University – Idaho. Part of her focus is to fight against threats that destroy individuals and families such as pornography, abuse, and human sex trafficking. Katheryn sees our society decaying due to these public health crises and wants to help ensure everyone feels safe in their homes and communities by eradicating these dangers. In her years of experience volunteering for public-schools and church organizations, Katheryn has seen firsthand the strength that comes from joining forces for a common cause to help make communities stronger. As an intern, she proudly adds her voice to the NCOSE team to shed light on these threats to the public and will work tirelessly to do what it takes to end sexual exploitation in our country and around the world.

Hannah Kinney, Public Health Intern at the National Center on Sexual ExploitationHannah Kinney, Public Health Intern – “Hello everyone, my name is Hannah Kinney and I am a third-year social work student at the University of Alabama. I heard about NCOSE through my field coordinator and immediately became interested in all the amazing things that the organization was accomplishing. My role at NCOSE is working as a Public Health Intern under the guidance of the Research Institute. During my time with the organization I hope learn more about the dangers of sexual exploitation and use this information during my future career. Despite only being here for three weeks I already feel like a part of the NCOSE team and am so excited to continue working on all of the fabulous projects that we are focused on this quarter. Furthermore, being an intern at NCOSE has helped me to grow my understanding of intersectionality and shape my thoughts on a variety of issues that I had not previously been informed about. Over the next few weeks I am looking forward to continue to dive deep into topics surrounding sexual exploitation in addition to strengthening my research and communication skills.

Nicole Ertle, Legal Intern at the National Center on Sexual ExploitationNicole Ertle, Legal Intern – “I was drawn to apply to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation because of their encompassing approach while working to end sexual exploitation. I have an interest in fighting human trafficking, specifically through the field of law enforcement. However, the more I have learned about human trafficking, the clearer it has become that working to end human trafficking begins long before the individual is trafficked, or before they come into contact with law enforcement. This is one of many reasons I am so happy to be working alongside NCOSE in their pursuit to end sexual exploitation. While with NCOSE I look forward to helping in the end of sexual exploitation through working alongside the Law Center to assist law enforcement in learning how to use a victim-based approach while working with victims of sexual exploitation.”

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