August 15, 2007

N.Y. Post goes topless with half-page photos


NEW YORK (August 15, 2007) – Robert Peters, President of Morality in Media, had the following comments in response to a Jordache advertisement in yesterday’s N.Y. Post depicting a topless woman viewing herself in a mirror and a photograph in Monday’s paper depicting a topless Courtney Love:

“It is no secret that the New York Post will stoop into the garbage pail now and then to attract ‘readers;’ but while this isn’t the first time a woman has appeared topless in the Post, it is to my knowledge the first time a half-page photograph of a topless woman has appeared in that paper two days in a row.

“Perhaps the explanation is as simple as, ‘As it already is in Australia so shall it be in New York, as soon as we can desensitize readers to that which once shocked and offended. If no one complained about celebrity Courtney Love sitting in her birthday suit, with breasts fully exposed except for a few beads, why should anyone complain about an advertisement for jeans depicting a bare breasted broad?’

“Perhaps the Post also wants to ensure that children whose parents have the Post delivered to their homes will receive a proper sex education.

“Thankfully, most mainstream newspapers still understand that there is a difference between a monthly magazine like Playboy, which for the most part is purchased by morally challenged adults who enjoy ‘erotic’ nudity along with leisure reading, and a daily newspaper which most people still purchase because they want to stay informed about what is happening in the world, nation, state and city.

“Since local TV news has become little more than ‘info-entertainment,’ the local newspaper is one of the few sources of state and local news. The N.Y. Post is also one of the few major city newspapers whose editorial and op-ed pages reflect politically and socially conservative points of view.

“Undoubtedly, nudity and other sexually provocative content in the Post will sell papers, just like the same content sells Playboy; but just as many Americans view Playboy with contempt, so many will come to view the Post, and they will read important news and alternative viewpoints elsewhere.”

Headquartered in New York City, Morality in Media works to uphold standards of decency in media.

Author: MIM   08/15/2007

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