October 17, 2012

New Additions To Our Team!

We just hired two new amazing young women to help with our aggressive anti-pornography efforts. Even though we’re 50 years old, we have grown by 800% in the last two years. Americans are very worried about the harms of pornography today. We have had numerous victories in our fight and pornography has now become a major issue in general discussions about society. We’ve done all of this with just a small army of full-time staffers and the help of many other organizations. Can you imagine what we’ll be able to accomplish now that we have two more helpers full-time!? THANKS to our contributors for helping to make this possible!

We want you to get to know them too. Here’s a message from them:

(Pictured: Queally, Dawn, Casey)

Hello, my name is Casey Capozzoli. I’m so very excited to be with Morality in Media, and I am looking forward to working with all of you to end the harms of pornography. This past June, I graduated from the University of Chicago, where I studied Public Policy and Economics. Growing up, I moved around a lot, but I am originally from Philadelphia. I come from a huge family, and I am happy to join the MIM family.

I believe that it is important to realize that together we are capable of so much. For example, I can’t wait to start work on the Safe Schools Safe Libraries project; because, I know that we can make a difference in policies and in the lives of so many people. We must protect society from the harms of pornography, and with hard work, there is no doubt in my mind that we will succeed in making schools and libraries safer places for both children and adults.

Please visit our website, www.pornharms.com, for more information on how you can join me and the rest of the team as we fight to get Federal Laws enforced and end the harms of pornography.


Hi, I’m Queally.  I grew up in Washington, DC and have also lived abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland.  I studied music composition at American University and also love writing and design.  I am passionate about the pro-family movement and I want to fight the evils of pornography and help preserve the family.  I love working for this cause on the front lines at Morality in Media.


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