The Second Annual Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit Announced for Fall 2015

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Conference unites US & world leaders against pornography and all sexual exploitation

Washington, DC – For the second year in a row, a diverse spectrum of leaders and organizations will unite for the annual Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit. The event was announced today by Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director of Morality in Media (MIM), the national leader in the battle to oppose the pornification of our culture. The 2015 Summit will be held at the Renaissance Marriott in Orlando, FL on September 1012, 2015.

Hawkins said, “The Summit will have an international character and bring together leaders from all facets of this worldwide movement against sexual exploitation, from feminists to faith-based groups, scholars to technology experts, and mental health to law enforcement professionals.”

“Leaders from across the globe now recognize the public health crisis facing our culture, a result of the influence of pornography. They seek to combat the growing trend of sexual exploitation and violence now overwhelming our schools, military, workplaces and mass media,” continued Hawkins.

The 2015 Summit will feature leading scholars who will provide trainings on the latest research and messaging. Topics will include the harms of pornography, the sexualization of children, reducing demand for sex trafficking and child sexual abuse, factors driving sexual violence and assault, recovery and healing, as well as prevention solutions. The Summit will also host activists who will provide strategies to take back the culture from sexual exploiters who put women and children at risk of exploitation.

Hawkins noted that the movement against sexual exploitation is experiencing phenomenal growth, much of it tied to the success of this broad coalition working together. Government leaders, financial institutions and online corporate giants are all changing their policies to reject exploitation in all its forms. Leaders are coming together in 2015 to develop bigger, bolder and better strategies to win the war on all sexual exploitation.

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ABOUT: The Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation, with more than 280 members, unites the efforts of organizations and leaders across the nation and the world to solve and end the complex social issue of sexual exploitation and its associated companion—pornography. The Coalition is directed by The National Center on Sexual Exploitation and Morality in Media.


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