June 20, 2012

Senator addresses need to enforce obscenity laws

June 20, 2012

An anti-pornography group is applauding a U.S. senator for writing a significant law review article about the need to enforce federal obscenity laws.

Morality in Media‘s (MIM) Pat Trueman says Senator Orin Hatch (R-Utah) is right to address the topic in an upcoming issue in the Stanford Law & Policy Review that focuses on “adult entertainment.”

“Not many people are even aware any more, due to the lack of enforcement, that federal law prohibits distribution of hard-core pornography on the Internet and distribution of hard-core pornography in hotel/motels — a lot of hotels have that as well as on cable and satellite, [but] that’s prohibited,” he explains.

Trueman tells OneNewsNow the failure to enforce these laws falls at the feet of the U.S. attorney general, a post currently held by Eric Holder.

“And I think President Obama ought to order Eric Holder to either enforce the law or resign from office,” he contends. “And if he won’t do that, the President should fire Attorney General Holder.”

The MIM leader hopes Senator Hatch and others in Congress will continue to press this issue because it is one of the top issues on the minds of every parent. “Because so many families have been harmed by pornography — and if they’re not harmed yet, every family’s worried about it,” he says.

Trueman notes that Hatch has always been a friend to the anti-porn movement.

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