July 31, 2012

Speaking Up: Billboards in Vegas

I live in Las Vegas. I am aware that it is sin city. I actually love living here. It seems the people have been exposed to everything so they are either extremely worldly or spiritual giants.There seems to be no sitting on the fence here. I also love that I live in a place where I can make a difference and where change is so so needed. There are some things I don’t love. I don’t love seeing women degrade themselves by exposing as much skin as possibly legal; whether they’re on a billboard or not. At the beginning of this year there was a billboard put up that was so explicit. Yes, billboards like these are all over in Vegas. The difference with this one was it was way out here in the outskirts AND in my neighborhood area. At first I would just look down when driving by. Then I saw another billboard that made me furious. This billboard was advertising a law firm that specialized in divorce. It read, “Divide and conquer”. This advertisement was actually trying to make divorce look more appealing than marriage?!!!?! This disgusted me. Every time I drove by it I told myself that I was going to call that firm and give them a piece of my mind. As soon as I was home and back to my busy life I forgot… until I drove by again. Time went by and the billboard was taken down before I took action. One day when I was driving by the explicit one I mentioned earlier I thought that if I was going to try to get the other taken down then why not this one? I started researching laws for advertising but didn’t get far. I thought the Gentlemen’s Club wouldnt take it down of course because they don’t care. Maybe I should try the billboard company? I sent an email to them and they responded immediately saying they were sorry and were taking it down within the week!!! There was another of the same billboard in a different part of town that affected my Mom’s drive and she emailed along with me to get that one down. We didn’t hear a response for a while so we got others to email and they did take that one down as well. I was shocked with how easy it was! With an email that took me 1 minute to write I changed my world as I knew it!(: I posted about my experience on Facebook and I received a ton of comments saying thank you because they felt the same way I did about that particular billboard. All of us Christians here in Vegas I think feel the same but we are so used to seeing things like this that we just accept it. Well… we can CHANGE our world if we just put a little effort in. I saw another billboard from that same Gentlemen’s club recently and it had absolutely no pictures on it. I was so happy!!
I don’t know much about this but by word of mouth I heard that there was an adult store in Mesquite Nevada that got shut down a while back. Someone supposedly got a group together and scheduled members to picket the store constantly. That store was eventually shut down I guess but I believe it took around a year.
There is hope. I thought I’d share some.(:

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